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Exit Strategy

Things have gotten difficult where I work: we have a new manager–I’ll call him Dick–and policies are being changed. However, they are not changing for the better. We have been told that we only have 200 labor hours in each … Continue reading

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At A Loss

Last month, before I left for BotCon, a friend of mine decided to let me in on some news that she had recently gleaned. It seems that my ex-boyfriend was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome in 2005 and had been using … Continue reading

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About this Blog

It’s a place in the Transformers multiverse, where Bumblebees from every reality are welcomed and loved without question. It’s a place in Unova where Automatons play. It’s a seat at Miller Park or Fox Cities Stadium, where the Milwaukee Brewers … Continue reading

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Wow. Just Wow.

Once upon a time, I used to watch Sneak Previews on PBS before I went to the theatre. I mostly watched when I was a young child but continued on into my teens. Most of the time I found the … Continue reading

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A Giant Can of Worms Redux

I’ll be the first to admit: the post you made is over a year old. I waited a year because I needed a lot of time to address my thoughts, get my ideas in check and actually post something that … Continue reading

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The Madness Starts

As you may–or may not–know SDCC has just started and is in full swing. The best thing about SDCC? Exclusive swag. The worst thing about SDCC? Everything else. Seriously, giving yourself two hours to get into anything?! Is this for … Continue reading

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Not Heaven But A Ballpark in Wisconsin

July 6 wasn’t a good Monday to say the least. I had to open on my own that day and there was only one other person who was scheduled to work at my sandwich shop during the lunch rush: Tran. … Continue reading

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