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On Gratitude

It is Thanksgiving day and I am eight years old. I am wandering by a local Kmart, staring in disbelief at the empty parking lot and the darkened windows. I can hear no cars on the roads, the subtle hiss … Continue reading

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Cutting the Strands

Not long ago, I mentioned that I’ve been going through a “break up” with a former high school friend. I’ve blocked her Facebook page so she can’t find me through there. Last week, I took another step: I blocked her … Continue reading

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I Can’t Wrap My Head Around This One

This is a post from Scott Adams’ blog. You really have to read the whole thing; it is breathtaking in its misogyny. But what really gets me is this: While I’m being politically incorrect, let me describe to you the … Continue reading

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No Regerts

(Yes, the typo is intentional. Just letting you know.) Libby Anne has a post on Courtship and regret at her blog. It’s an interesting look at the idea of courtship and how her parents were trying to spare her from … Continue reading

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Dodging the Bullet

I had a rather bad day at work yesterday; I don’t want to go into the details but suffice it say that I’m not fond of one of the front end managers right now. But as I sat down on … Continue reading

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Read. Just Read

Unfollow is the story of Megan Phelps-Roper and how she began to question the church in which she was raised. It is a hard story and heartbreaking to read but it is certainly worth doing so. If you haven’t read … Continue reading

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There Are No Words

Paris was under siege earlier. There are reports of at least a hundred dead. Some are saying that there may have been at least one suicide bomber involved in this. I have no words. None. I can not even begin … Continue reading

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