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On the Old and the New

A little music, honoring the ending of one year and the beginning of another: It’s been a strange year, to say the least. Some things have been good, like starting this blog and getting a new job. Some have been … Continue reading

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Both Sides of the Coin

There’s a great post on Permission to Live that deals with the lies survivor’s tell themselves about past abuse. It may be an older post but it has some very salient points, namely about how survivors compartmentalize what happened to … Continue reading

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Merry Sithmas! (Spoilers Within)

Christmas day was a muted affair here at the Prime residence; the man-bot and I basically watched episodes of Transformers: Robots in  Disguise. Instead, our celebration was a day earlier, as we hit the local theatre and saw The Force … Continue reading

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I Can’t Stop Shaking

I was originally going to make a post about the status of BotCon and how I’m not sure what may actually be in the convention’s future but I can’t. Well, not after this. (That and I want Prime’s help with … Continue reading

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On the Season and What It Brings

Current earworm: (I may not particularly care for the animated special anymore but I still love this piece of music.)

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Morning Coffee: Volume Three

It’s time for another morning coffee post, where I give readers a peek into my life once again. Enjoy!

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You Shouldn’t Have: Holiday Gifts that Nobody Wants

It’s that time of year again, when people rush out to buy gifts for family members that they barely know in order to impress upon that barely known family member that they mean X amount of money to them. Of … Continue reading

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Grounds for Review: Folgers Chocolate Silk Coffee

Today, we’ll go in a slightly different direction: we’re doing a java review! No, not that Java. We’re talking coffee. And the first can of beans to get an Iacon East review is Folgers Chocolate Silk.

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Wednesday Afternoon Tunes: Weird Al Edition

For your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

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More on Planned Parenthood

There’s a post on Libby Anne’s blog that deals with Christian terrorist Robert Dear. And make no mistake: this man was a terrorist. I won’t say anymore except that you need to go and read the whole thing. But yes, … Continue reading

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