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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

My favorite bear was Sunni. Don’t ask.

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(Insert Sigh Here)

I get to work yesterday and discover that I was supposed to work the day before. The problem? My previous schedule had Monday as a day off and I was never called or told that anything had changed. We are … Continue reading

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What Is This I Don’t Even

You know what makes for good parenting? Telling your child that s/he is a wicked sinner before s/he can even speak. Yeah. Remove the religion angle and what would people call this? Abuse. But if you add some “sincerely held … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

This is the intro from season one, without Kip Kangaroo. I actually have a couple of Shirt Tales plushes from Hardee’s: namely Pammy Panda and Digger Mole. Never got the complete set, though.

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Farewell to a Bit of My Childhood

Alan Young, the voice of Scrooge McDuck, has died. I can’t count how many afternoons I sat in front of the television at my great-grandmother’s apartment and watched DuckTales; he was Scrooge McDuck and his voice suited the character perfectly. … Continue reading

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What We Currently Know

It seems that the fifth Transformers film has a name now; it’s Transformers: The Last Knight. We also know that Josh Duhamel will return as Lennox and Tyrese may be returning as well. We also know that filming will begin … Continue reading

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Horrible, Horrible, Horrible

I found this one via Progressive Secular Humanist and it is absolutely horrifying: father sacrifices family dog to atone for his daughter’s “satanic” tee. Yes, the religion angle makes this horrible but there is something more here. Patrick Zane Thompson … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

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A Hard But Excellent Read

Go and read. That is all.

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The Best Things in Life…

Last night, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers–our local Single A Minor League baseball team–held a doubleheader at Fox Cities Stadium since the game on Tuesday had been rained out. Since Prime has been collecting Subway receipts for their “Great Subs, Great … Continue reading

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