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Your Brain Bleach for Today

Since that last post was disturbing as hell, here is a video of a cat who doesn’t like the smell of gum. Enjoy!

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Three Stories, Three Reasons I Want to Quit the World

All of these come from The Friendly Atheist and all three are maddening enough to make you want to scream. So consider this your warning: Tread very lightly when you read these.

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For Gene Wilder

On Sunday night, we lost Gene Wilder. For once, I lack the words to express how I feel. I grew up on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; the movie was a staple of my childhood. So rather than muddle … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

Sorry about the quality but this was one of the better ones I could find. I rarely had the chance to watch this but I remember liking the fox a lot.

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I Don’t Even Know What to Say Here

Catholic “health” care system turns away bleeding woman and refuses to remove her IUD. How very “pro-life” of them. What if this woman had bled to death? Would they have done anything? Or would the doctors there simply shrug and … Continue reading

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Truth and Consequences

There’s a post by Libby Anne that deals with punitive parenting and its effects on children. The results are not exactly surprising. According to research by Victoria Talwar, a renowned expert on children’s social-cognitive development at McGill University, strict parenting … Continue reading

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Normal is Just a City in Ohio*

*Normal, Ohio was actually a sitcom on CBS that got axed many years ago. I never had a chance to watch it and there was an episode that I seriously wanted to see because reasons. Samantha Field has a post … Continue reading

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