And Today in “I Want to Quit the World”…

I found this via Love, Joy, Feminism on Facebook today. It’s one of the most infuriating things that I have ever read and I could swear that my blood pressure shot up at least ten points by the time I was done. If you have the time, go ahead and give it a read but it is absolutely maddening. But it gets worse.

The NRA is not rushing in to help this girl. The NRA seems to be notoriously absent when a woman shoots and kills an abusive partner/family member. And worse, as Libby Anne points out, a woman who kills a man is “evil” but a man who kills a woman was “pushed too far”.

You cannot make this up.

A man who kills a stranger or shoots his significant other was a “good guy” who was stressed out or afraid or in some other way justified. But a woman who shoots her husband after he beat her senseless? Oh, she’s a wicked, evil female who needs to be locked away. It boggles my mind. But that’s not the truly frightening thing.

My mother was a staunch NRA supporter. She believed in the Second Amendment. But if my father had been abusive towards her and she retaliated, she would have gone to prison, possibly for life. The organization that she believed did such good for gun owners would never have lifted a pinky finger to help her. They would have simply shrugged as she was processed as a new inmate.

That’s the truly infuriating thing here. As for right now, I have a grand total of two things to say via GIF:



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