This Just In: Something We Already Knew


This was shared on Facebook via SciBabe: a fifty year study shows that spanking does more harm than good.

Again, for those of us that were spanked or had to deal with physical punishment, we pretty much knew that this was the case. Why? In nearly every case, we remember the humiliation of the punishment but not the actual crime. We remember the erosion of trust but we don’t remember the offense. We remember the tears and the anger but we don’t remember what we did wrong. We remember thinking that Mommy is mean or that Daddy hates us but we don’t remember why we deserved getting hit.

In other words, we remember our parents hurting us but we can’t remember as to why.

There is, of course, pushback. The typical “I was spanked and I’m okay” sort of thing. But one poster in the comment thread on Facebook brought up a very good point: You’re not okay if you think hitting a child is acceptable.

I think that says it better than I ever could.


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