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The More Things Change…

As you may or may not know, I’m not new to this whole blogging thing. I’ve done this before; I had a blog with a different platform. When I started that blog, we didn’t have smartphones, the first live action … Continue reading

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As If It Wasn’t Obvious…

Who’s surprised by this: Anti-Abortion Leader: Birth Control Pills and IUDs Should Be Illegal. See, they don’t just want to save the unborn. They want to save the preconceived! Because those potential lives matter! Never mind that contraception isn’t abortion, just … Continue reading

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“My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.”

John Hurt has passed away. Some knew him as the War Doctor from Doctor Who. I knew him from an animated film released in 1978: Watership Down. He was the voice of Hazel-rah. My words seem to fall short; I cannot properly write how … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The opening to the dub of Leo the White Lion, the sequel to Kimba the White Lion. Not a lot of people remember this one.

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A Little Cute Break

This has been quite the stressful week, so here’s a video of some kittens in a ball pit. Enjoy!

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Not An Option

“You have an older brother.” When my mother uttered those five words, everything changed. I was told throughout my childhood that I was an only child. That I was a wanted child. The first portion of what I was told … Continue reading

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How About “No”? Does “No” Work for You?

According to the House Science Committee, we should get our news “unvarnished” and straight from the Grand Nagus. This is not a joke. “The national liberal media won’t print that, or air it, or post it,” Smith said. “Better to … Continue reading

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It’s Live! And It Only Took Three Thousand Years!

So that update to Pokemon Bank so you could transfer older Pokemon to Sun and Moon? It’s active now. I’ve already dropped a shiny Golett into my PC on Moon and I’m getting ready to train the little guy. (Yeah, … Continue reading

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A Little Brain Bleach

Since the previous post was ridiculously disturbing, here is a cat who acts like a hat. Enjoy!

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And Today in “Screw This, I Quit the Planet”…

This has been floating around Facebook for a bit and it is infuriating: a father and son–accused of rape–want the “only law book that truly matters” to be used at their trial. Wanna take a guess as to which book that … Continue reading

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