Primus, Deliver Me From “Teh Stoopid”

There are days I think I should stay off the blogosphere. Today is one of them and this is why: the women marching in the March for Women were abused as children, according to Jim and Lori Bakker.

“I looked at them,” he said. “I looked close, I looked at them, I looked them all over. They’re hurting. They’re broken. They’re beaten down. They’re not even healthy. So many of them weren’t healthy looking, even. They looked like they’ve been through a war, some of them.”

Well, Jim might actually be on to something: one protester had been interned in a Japanese American internment camp in the 1940s. So yes, she had been through a war. But I wouldn’t have called her broken or beaten down. That’s just me though; I need a good GAWDLY MAN like Mister Jim Bakker to mansplain all this to me, since I’m just a clueless female. 🙄

Now not only were they possessed by demons or witches or what have you, they were also abused! But they can get better (emphasis mine)!

“Most women like that have been molested, they’ve been abused, they’ve been whatever in their life. You just have to go back to, typically, early childhood and things like that. And they just need the healing of the lord.

First off: when it comes to abuse, there is no panacea. Healing, if you can call it that, comes through slow, deliberate steps. It is a journey, not a destination. No one can magic their way out of past traumas; I have learned that from experience. And saying that someone just needs this or that or the other is exceedingly condescending, not to mention it can be a form of silencing. However, I digress.

But you know what, Lori? You might be right. Some of these women might have suffered abuse in their formative years. But guess what? That’s why they are marching!

These women marched because they saw something in our current administration, something that they didn’t like. In some cases, they marched because they lived through abuse and they are seeing it again, only this time it’s coming from the Oval Office. They see the signs and rather than acting defenseless they decided to do something about it. They stood up and said, “We’re not taking this.” They stood up and took action.

I don’t know about you, but I find that to be a wonderful thing. But again, that’s just me.

Or, to put it another way:
primus_give_me_strengthOr at least, patience. For if I receive the strength, I may need a few hundred dollars as bail money to go with it. (I kid, I kid… more or less.)


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One Response to Primus, Deliver Me From “Teh Stoopid”

  1. DeviceDude says:

    It is comments like those from the Bakkers that reaffirm I made the right decision dropping religion from my life.

    ~daiAtlas, who also used to go to Catholic school…


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