All of My Contempt. ALL OF IT.

I found this diamond of a turd via Dispatches From the Culture Wars. It’s a helluva doozy and that is putting it mildly: Iowa just gave parents reproductive control over their unmarried daughters. Seriously.

7. A cause of action for injunctive relief to prevent a physician from performing abortions may be maintained against a physician who has intentionally violated this chapter by the woman upon whom the abortion was performed or attempted to be performed, by the spouse of the woman, by a parent or guardian of the woman if the woman is less than eighteen years of age or unmarried at the time the abortion was performed or attempted to be performed, by a current or former licensed health care provider of the woman, by a county attorney with appropriate jurisdiction, or by the attorney general.


In other words, if you are an eighteen year old woman and unmarried, your parents get to have a say as to whether or not you can get that abortion. Ed puts it best:

Of course, this is entirely consistent with their “Biblical worldview.” Women in the Bible were essentially the property of their fathers until they got married, when they then became the property of their husbands.

That is very true. In my case, I was my mother’s property and she’d have the final say over me, whether or not I was an actual adult. Which quite frankly, scares the living shit out of me but I digress.

There is some good that has come out of this, however: Texas is probably glad to see something like this. At least it doesn’t look like the most ass-backwards state in the freaking Union now.

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