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And Today in “Who’s Really Surprised?”

Good old Ken Paxton. He’s so concerned about the separation of church and state… except when it pertains to christianity. When it came to Kim Davis and police cars sporting “In God We Trust” on their bumpers, he was cool with that. … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The opening to Muppet Babies. Yes, this was a thing that existed. The 80s were a little weird like that.

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Non-Fuzz Break!

It’s been another shitty week, so we’ll make it a kitty week. So here is a hairless cat who refuses to leave the bath. Enjoy!

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Tale As Old as Time

I found this steaming dumpster fire at the Friendly Atheist and yes, it is as bad as you think: not only did this mother cancel her Disney vacation, she also received hate mail over it. Considering what she posted, it’s rather easy to see why. … Continue reading

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Well, You HAD One Job…

Remember that bus driver who turned a little boy against his lesbian parents? Well, she’s been placed on administrative leave. It’s a start. It’s small, but it is a start. It should have happened the day after this boy’s mothers complained about what … Continue reading

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And Today in “What the Hell Are You Even Saying…?!”

This popped up on my Facebook newsfeed: An anti-vax “mother” is claiming that dying from a disease is “part of the plan”. I am not making this shit up. But I really wish I could say otherwise. “My religious beliefs are … Continue reading

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If I Flush Twice, Will You Finally Go Away?

You have to feel bad for poor Pat McCrory. The guy’s been fired by the electorate of the state of North Carolina and he’s having a tough time finding employment elsewhere. Oh wait. You don’t. Because the guy is a … Continue reading

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