Curses! Foiled Again! Or Something.

I found this little gem via Patheos while perusing the Atheist blogs; it’s from the pagan blog Water WitchMy two cents on the cursing of Trump. Yes, this is as crazy as you might imagine. Let’s dive in, shall we?

The author starts off by saying that she approves of the occasional curse, which means I guess she isn’t adverse to the random f-bomb. Or something. It’s a little hard to tell here. Also, “witchlings” sounds like something straight out of an anime, one that I would happily watch (the term has a magical girl feel to it). But I digress, as usual.

1) Do our work secretly and silently.

I can’t say this enough. We all need to revisit the Powers of the Sphinx.  It doesn’t matter what path we follow, it is a good system to follow and there is wisdom in it. For those that don’t know the powers are: “To know, To will, To dare, and To keep silent. Remember;  Dion Fortune sent private letters out to gather those that wished to focus on stopping the German invasion. She didn’t put an advertisement in the newspaper. Keeping the silence helps the energy to hold in tight and to be controlled and more focused.

Yes, I get it: the whole air of secrecy is supposed to have some sort of meaning. But there’s a problem with this; even if you keep quiet, nothing is going to happen. Basically, all you are doing is wishing really hard that something might happen. Trust me when I say, it will not. Keeping quiet about it only helps in one regard and that is making sure the neighbors don’t think you’re joking.

2) Stop advertising our playbook to the enemy

This is common sense. I don’t know anything about football, but I did watch enough of the Super Bowl to know that if the team that lost had been given the playbook before the game well then it would have had a different outcome. Same thing with military operations. Sure there are leaks here and there, but the entire operations are not handed over to the enemy before a strike. It is just counterintuitive. In the case of this specific spell, the entire thing was printed for all to read.

This doesn’t matter. At all.

Again, we’re dealing with wishing really hard, so we’ll have other people thinking hard at their cats to prevent the other people’s wishes. Sound ridiculous? That’s because it is. Cursing or binding someone won’t accomplish anything because it will do nothing. It’s like thinking really hard at my cat in the hopes that the Grand Nagus will stop doing shitty things. The cat’s going to look at me like I’m nuts and guess what?

The cat is absolutely right. Sammy’s a damn smart cat.

3) This particular working got so much publicity that other groups began organizing counter attacks.

The “Chaos Magicians for Trump” were actively working against the rest of the witches in the world trying to curse/bind Trump. This is a witch war. The enemy wants us divided, they want us waring [sic] with each other so that we don’t focus on them. Yes, we are actually engaging in a witch war when we do this. Have you been in a witch war? When a student, friend, or someone begins throwing curses at you? Plain and simple, it sucks. It really does. Malicious spells aimed at harming another person do just that.

You may argue that they are not “one of us,” but never in our history have we had open witch wars advertised on social media and being reported by news media. Take a moment and let that sink in. The news media wrote articles and reported on us fighting each other. Seriously let that sink in. This is a whole new ball game, folks, and we need to sit down with the playbook and rethink how we are going to tackle this in the future.

Engaging in chaotic mass cursing are kamikaze missions. They may hit him, but at what cost? Is a scratch worth a good portion of our collective energy? What if we worked smarter and made more of an impact? Just remember that dividing us serves to distract from what is going on. Don’t spend your time looking at what everyone else is doing and fight about if it’s the right thing or not. Pick up your wand, do the work, and do it well.

I’m thinking the author meant to say “warring” here. It seems that “waring” means something else. But that’s beside the point, so let’s go on.

But oh noes, malicious spells! The horror! Someone is threatening to beat me up on the astral plane! Better call Doc Strange. /joking

Let’s go ahead and state the obvious here: magic–even the kind spelled with a “k”–does not exist. It is not real. You cannot light a candle and think really hard in order to get the “universe” to give you something or make a person stop doing something that pisses you off or make someone’s cancer go away. Reality doesn’t work that way. It never has. So flinging a spell or a curse at another practitioner won’t do anything. All these people are doing is shouting words at each other. If those shouted words do anything at all, it is psychosomatic and only in that person’s mind.

But the bigger question is this: are we in freaking high school? Seriously, this sounds less like a group of adults seeking different mystical paths and more like a battle between some of the popular cliques in Sweet Valley High. I’m not even going to touch the idea of cursing as a kamikaze mission, as I’ve been doing that off and on throughout this post.

4) Magic is not about seeking 15 minutes of fame.

There is something that I can’t quite place my finger on. It feels wrong, and it has nothing to do with the act of mass cursing, or the act itself, but the celebrity of it. Each mass hexing/binding/cursing that has taken place in the last few years has gotten major media attention. This sky rocketed the organizer to the front of the stage, where the light shines bright and brings attention or celebrity to these people. While this may not have been their intent, I strongly worry that over the next few years we will see hollow group spells and rituals that do nothing but bring the poster to celebrity and further demonize us. How then do we gauge if this was for the limelight or for the actual cause?

Another thing that is problematic, is that until recently cursing and binding have been an underground thing, something that intermediate and advanced witches who have been trained, or are being trained by a grounded teacher are silently engaged in. Private emails and phone calls are sent and witches gather in secret and get the work done. However possibly for the first time ever, cursing is available to baby witches, and it is widely being encouraged. I am just not sure it is in their best interest to fast track them to this type of magic, skipping over essential foundation material just to mess with Trump.

The other thing is the whole social media “look what I’m doing” thing. I fear there are many that want to look cool, or like they are being part of the cause so when these things come around, they light a black candle, take a photo and say “OHH LOOK AT ME” but did they really do anything? Why is this the only time we hear from these people and their black candle photos? Why are they not engaging with their deity every single day? Why are they not already in pacts with their spirits to do this work? And by the way, how do those spirits feel about you posting their hard work on social media so you can receive accolades? I also have a hard time with people who post these hollow photos but aren’t doing other work. Just do the work, and stop worrying about who is watching.

No I’m not saying don’t post things on social media, because if you have followed me for a while you see many of my photos on there, most of which have some connection to the work I am doing. However if you look closely, they are usually acts of devotion, and honoring of my deity I post it because it widens the scope of my worship and brings ideas to others who might want to worship. I tend to only post spells on the internet if my intent is to use the image to project it (because that is a thing) but on the other hand often times posting images makes the energy leak out. So sure there are genuine people out there doing this work and posting it, (I’m not talking about you) I’m talking about the half assed attempts. Just do everyone a favor and examine your heart and its intent before advertising it. If it genuinely is an attempt to spread the energy and broadcast the spell, then awesome. If it’s for back rubs and to make you feel good then EFF OFF.


Basically, this is a “it feels good which is why I’m doing it” sort of thing. In this case, it happens to be more of a circle jerk. But while it might feel good, it won’t accomplish anything. You can carve runes in a Cheeto while wrapping it in string before throwing it into a fire and it will do nothing except make you feel better. Why? Because you think you did something important.

Honestly? Every time someone casts a spell, they are looking for attention. It may not be attention from the Muggles/mundanes but they are looking for attention from either their deity or the universe itself. Do not be fooled here. Spell work is about attention. It always has been about attention. Just like praying is attention seeking from a christian–“Please answer my prayer for (X), Jesus!”–spells are simply seeking attention. It’s just not attention from humans. But it’s still attention seeking behavoir, don’t misunderstand me.

5) Witch wars and spiritual battles are utterly exhausting and serve no purpose

Have you been watching Emerald City? If not you should be! It’s an adult version of the Wizard of Oz (from the books, so if you haven’t read the books the characters might not make sense, go read the books you will love them) Glinda doesn’t play an all “good” witch, rather she is a representation of the light, of ice and the harshness of unbending will. In the show she is secretly making witches, which at first you think is a great thing! Till Dorthy is captured and placed in Glinda’s stone white jail. Once Glinda finds out that she can heal (in the show she had some medical background before she was tornadoed off to Oz) she is placed in a room, there are many girls, all who are now ill, injured, comatose, and mad. In Glinda’s quest for dominance and taking the oppressive wizard down she burns out these little ones, children. It states in the show they were pushed past their limit and broke.

While this is a fictional show, it has a good point and magical burnout is a thing. We will be no good if we are all broken, comatose or mad! And I think that this illustrates my point perfectly. We need our precious witchlings and if they are pushed too hard past their abilities or before they are ready, we will be left with a mess that is OUR fault. Rather we need to grow a garden of witches, venefica witches, but they need time to grow before their poison can be used properly and to make good change. Lets try to preserve and nurture these souls so they can continue our work, rather than throwing them in with the sharks and hoping they make it out alive.

I was raised by someone like Pence. They are cruel, and mean and so is their god. I mean just look at the bible; don’t do what gods wants and he will kill all first born male children, annihilate cities, tell people to sacrifice their children.  This is the god of the Christians, and these are the people we are up against. People who think it is ok to wipe out entire populations for their own god. So have you ever had to do magical and spiritual battle with Christians? I have and I absolutely hate to say this, but they know what they are doing. They know how to wield power and they will not deal kindly with us in spiritual battle. In fact, if you look at some of the prayers, it could be considered that they actively engage in curse work, and their god has a track record for the same. This isn’t grandma praying over Sunday dinner or a follower of the Christ energy; these are paranoid people, who believe our deities are real and consider them demons (yes even the benevolent ones), they speak of spiritual battles, and battles over the souls of their children (I know, I used to listen to them, I just realized that I was on the wrong side and so I am a Witch, I couldn’t possibly serve such a destructive and hateful god). They understand energy, though they describe it differently, and they worship in the masses a god who brags about war and destruction. Sadly we went to war with this god once, and we lost. I hate it, but it is true. They didn’t eradicate us, we survived and so did our gods, but let’s try to remember who we are dealing with, and how it didn’t work well for us before. What can we do differently this time? Well first off this isn’t the middle ages, so we do have THAT working for us, but we need to be asking what are we going to do different this time?

There’s that “witchling” term again. Can some studio in Japan get hot on making a magical girl series that features “witchlings”? I’d watch it.

First off: what you “went to war with” was a powerful organization. That is why you lost. The church has–and to a degree still does–money and power. That is why pagan religions fell.

You didn’t go to war with El. You went to war with humans who believed in El. Those humans had more resources than you, which is why you lost. This wasn’t a spiritual battle. It was mundane, whether you want to admit it or not. It always has been and it always will be.

Also, I wouldn’t worry. No, we are not in the Middle Ages. We also aren’t in Africa, where people who are called witches are murdered horrifically. The US has its problems but understand this; neo-pagans are not in that terrible a position here. Atheists, on the other hand…

Second: magical burnout does not exist because magic isn’t real. Any sort of exhaustion that is felt is in the practitioner’s mind.

Thirdly: Pence is a monster, not specifically because of his god but because he’s a horrible human being. But the idea of a spiritual battle with christians is laughable. You can’t out-think someone; throwing wishes to the universe aren’t going to be negated by someone else think, “I don’t want you to have that, so THERE.” Because wishes don’t work. They never have. If they did, there would be no such thing as cancer because it would have been wished away. Hunger? Nope, we would have taken care of that years ago. How many people would have been lottery winners if wishing did anything?

Of course, the new age practitioners out there are going to say, “But it doesn’t work that way!” No, it doesn’t. Because it doesn’t work at all. It’s the same with prayer: they don’t get answered because they don’t work. They never did. All a praying person has been doing is having a one-sided conversation in their head.

6) Our own magic is now being used against us.

Going on a mission when the enemy has our play book and has been briefed on our plan of action is going to cost more than we think, and if we are going to make real change, we need you. We need you to have a strong mind, strong spirit and not to be bogged down by weird curse energy. We don’t need a room full of overworked witches and inexperienced blow outs. Sadly, because of all this publicity, not only were their active prayer groups and Chaos Magicians for Trump countering us, there was a report of a Christian mystic at Trump tower with a mirror saying prayers to reverse our work.

You guys! They are using our own magic against us. Mirror spells are our thing are they not? Well now the enemy knows how to use our weapon. How long till there are hundreds of Christian prayer groups praying with mirrors against us? While I don’t believe that if I curse XYZ that I will then be cursed, but it is foolish to think that if I curse XYZ at the same time as a mystic is praying with a reversal spell that I won’t feel some of the effects of that. Because that is how the mirror spell works, and yes protections and all, but not everyone is a master witch, even some of those have suffered greatly because of their work. Sometimes it is worth it, but that is a choice you need to make and it needs to be an educated one.

Your magic isn’t being used against you because it isn’t real. It’s simply a lot of people thinking the same thing at the same time, hoping that something will happen. Mirror spells are simply people thinking the opposite or trying to think really hard and reflect the magic back to the original spell-caster.

Guess what? Nothing is going to happen. They do not cancel each other out because there is nothing to cancel out. It’s just more “I’ll think really hard and something totes will happen”.

Trust me, getting all riled up about this sort of thing is silly. If anyone wants to do anything to oppose the Grand Nagus, there are things that can be done in the real, mundane, non-magical world. Instead of grabbing a wand and chanting a poem 47 times while the Moon is in Mercury retrograde, how about focusing your time and energy on this realm? If you do, you might actually get a really neat little thing in return: it’s called a result.

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    I still hope that Scarlet Witch can cast spells against the Demon Child…;)



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