On the Syrian Missile Strike

We all know about the Syrian missile strike. You’d have to be living under a rock without any social media, internet service, television or radio to not hear anything about it. The news was everywhere.

Ed Brayton has a great take on it. But the more salient points:

But this puts the lie to practically everything Trump has said on the matter. First, remember that when Assad used chemical weapons in an attack more than ten times larger and deadlier a few years ago, Trump adamantly said that Obama should not get involved, that Syria wasn’t our problem and a military response would be terrible. That’s contradiction number one.

He’s right. Voters may forget but the internet does not. The Grand Nagus was telling us via Twitter that the US needed to stay the hell out of the Syrian conflict. So what changed exactly? But the kicker (emphasis mine):

And let’s not neglect to mention that Trump’s position now is that Assad is a vicious, brutal dictator who is murdering his people with chemical weapons and that can never be tolerated — but we can’t let any of the people he’s trying to slaughter come to America as refugees because they’re all Muslim terrorists who will destroy us.

Remember: it’s okay to bomb Syria back into the Stone Age but we aren’t taking any of their refugees because they’ll fly planes into buildings. Even the five year old kids. Because according to the Grand Nagus’ son, these people aren’t people but poisoned Skittles. Think about that for a minute.

I got nothing. Seriously.

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