When the Truth Bites You in the Backside Hard

I’m sure you guys remember dear old Doug, the pastor who was counseling a girl who had been molested. Well, he’s back and this is a doozy, because Doug claims to care about “the truth”.

The actual truth about Doug isn’t pretty. We’re talking about a skeleton in Doug’s closet, namely a serial molester. You may want to tread lightly on this one, as it’s disturbing. Those of you who wish to can keep reading after the jump.

Doug starts off talking about counseling and how biblical counseling is different than secular. Then we get to this:

Your questions had to do with the propriety of me corresponding with your father, thus causing you to wonder “whose side” I was on.

Oh. Boy. We’ll get to that momentarily. Well, Doug talks about counseling and that sort of thing then farts out this little gem:

Now this brings me back to my correspondence with your father. With all this as the backdrop, simply communicating with him does not mean that I am on his side. I am on the side of the truth, and he is plainly lying. But one of the things that pastors are called to do is to help people confront the lies they tell themselves. The issue is not whether I am communicating with him, but rather what I am saying.

No, Doug. You do not care about “the truth”. At all. You never did.

If you cared about truth, you never would have lied about slavery. If you cared about truth, you never would have married off a serial child molester so his wife could act as his chaperone. If you actually cared about truth at all, you never would have begged for leniency on behalf of a child molester who later ended up back in court because he was aroused by his own infant son.

Yeah, that last one should make you want to throw yourself in a tub of the hottest, most scalding water you could ever find, Doug. It sure makes me want to do that. But to you? Eh, that doesn’t really matter. As long as the guy repents, what’s the harm?

The truth is, Doug, that you don’t care about the truth. Your actions have told us this. What’s that old saying? About a person’s actions speaking louder than words?

That’s the actual truth of this. Sure, in these blog posts you come across as someone who cares about this poor girl–fictitious as she is–but the reality of the matter is that you wouldn’t act this way at all. Why? Because you had your chance. You blew it and blew it badly. You married off a guy who was a known abuser. You made sure that he could have a wife to act as his chaperone so he could be around children. Then, the abuser ends up in court again because he’s aroused by an infant, his own son!

If this were real, you’d be the first to disbelieve this girl, Doug. You’d be the first to rush to the defense of her father. You’d be writing long, passionate letters to the judge, defending this man and asking for leniency in his sentencing. You’d be there to marry him off as quickly as possible to a nice, church-going lady. You’d do everything in your power to help the abuser but you’d ignore the victim.

Then, when you’re called out on this, you’d write blog posts defending yourself. That’s how this would go, Doug. You know it and I know it.

The truth isn’t your friend, Doug. But in this case, the truth would set that young girl free. From you.

If you want to read up on Doug, a good place to start would be Libby Anne’s blog. She has a number of posts about him and they are excellent reads.

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