Is There a Pill for Diarrhea of the Mouth?

I found this steaming pile not terribly long ago. I won’t go into all of it–there’s more bovine excrement here than I care to pick through–but I will take some of this idiocy down a peg. It may get a little prickly in here, so we’ll continue after the jump.

1) A steady diet of potentially harmful chemicals.

I am not going to touch this one. Seriously. Because this is simply fearmongering, plain and simple. Why do I saw that? Easy.

The water you drink on a daily basis? That’s a chemical. When your body digests food, that is a chemical reaction that is taking place inside of you. Chemicals are everywhere. That is a fact.

2) Diseasing a woman’s body.

What does this even mean?

The birth control pill is a dramatic and potentially harmful “medication” designed to “cure” a natural function of a woman’s body. It seems that men who develop and push these pills are vaguely sexist and anti-woman (OK, not vaguely) because they have literally made a female’s reproductive system into a sickness.

Hey, Matt? Ever heard of endometriosis? How about ovarian cysts? No? Well, now you have. The female reproductive system can become very diseased; hell, my friend in high school had horrifically painful periods and was in agony until she was put on medication. There is nothing sexist about seeking treatment for a disease.

3) Cancer and blood clots.

Every drug has side effects. Tylenol? Enough of it can damage your liver. Omeprazole? You might end up with muscle spasms, not to mention that you may end up with a hip fracture after long term usage. Every drug you take will have a dide effect and some of them can be severe.

4) Confusion and divorce.

Cause if we mess with them lady-folks’s hormones, we’s gonna have trouble, ain’t we? /sarcasm

There’s been a lot of research done about how hormonal birth control has changed women’s taste in men. It’s a fascinating and morbid subject, and I encourage you to read up on it if you haven’t. To summarize and simplify, women on the pill tend to gravitate towards men who are more feminine. This might explain, in part, the pop culture devolution from Frank Sinatra to Justin Bieber, John Wayne to Zach Efron, and so forth, but the implications run much deeper. The pill, being a chemical substance that so profoundly messes with a woman’s biology, creates confusion and pulls her towards men she wouldn’t otherwise find attractive. To think that this couldn’t harm relationships is naive.

Citation fucking needed.

As I’ve mentioned before, my hubby’s tastes seem to fall more towards the traditionally feminine. Romantic anime, movies that have feels, that sort of thing he enjoys.

He’s also over six feet tall, sports a ponytail and a full beard and it you slapped some leather on him, he’d look like a biker. He scares people. I’m not kidding. You wanna call him “feminine” Matt, go right ahead. Once he verbally eviscerates you, calls you out on your idiocy and publicly mocks you for it, you’ll probably rethink your stance.

…oh wait, that implies that you’d actually think.

5) Commodification.

Proponents of the pill degrade women by tying their human worth to their economic worth. They say that women must sterilize themselves, whether permanently or temporarily, in order to “succeed” in the business world. Her value as a woman, as a human being, is placed below her value as an employee or a consumer. I am rarely one to play the “S” Card, but perhaps this is where we ought to be looking in search of workplace sexism.


Guess what? There is sexism in the workplace. But it’s not the kind you’re thinking of, Matt. It seems that pregnant women are routinely discriminated against in the workplace. That is a cold, hard fact. Guys like you don’t have to worry about being preggers, so to you, this simply doesn’t exist. If you don’t believe me, I’ve got a story to tell:

When I worked at Walmart, we had a young cashier who happened to be pregnant. She was dealing with a problem pregnancy and her doctor put her on a lifting restriction for her safety and the fetus’s. So she’d ask customers if they could lift up or leave the heavier items in their carts so she wouldn’t injure herself. One customer got pissed, ran to management and complained. This cashier got her ass reamed out by a CSM who said that she was “lazy”. “I don’t understand you young people,” the CSM exploded. “When I was pregnant, I wasn’t lazy like you!”

The CSM in question? She was easily in her late fifties to early sixties. YEAH.

Now remember, the cashier had a doctor’s excuse. But that didn’t matter; to Walmart, she wasn’t “doing her job” and if she couldn’t lift heavy objects out of a customer’s cart, she could get fired for it. Putting her and her fetus in danger didn’t matter to Walmart at all. But to Matt, this is out of sight, out of mind. He’ll never have to deal with it so to him, it doesn’t exist.

But, ultimately, everyone has to make their own decisions. Hopefully, if I’ve been able to accomplish anything, I’ve at least demonstrated that the decision is more complicated than we pretend.

No, Matt, you’ve demonstrated that you don’t know what the hell you are talking about and no one should read a word you type. That’s the only thing you’ve demonstrated here; your breathtaking ignorance on this subject. Or to put it bluntly:


Hat tip to NSFW BIOLOGY for the linkage.

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