And Today in “WTF?!”…

I found this via the Friendly Atheist and it left me scratching my head: an eight year old girl couldn’t play soccer because she didn’t “look” like a girl. Seriously.

Now, the club is claiming that this is the result of a typo and that’s why the whole incident happened. From the Washington Post article:

But another form listed her as a girl — and she was playing on an all-girls team and is, in fact, a girl — so [Mo Farivari, the president of Azzurri Soccer club, which includes Mili’s team] thought the problem would be easily straightened out.

But as Hemant put it:

It wasn’t. You’d think they would double check that before taking such drastic action. I could forgive organizers for seeing the form, seeing Mili, and assuming she was a boy. But what the hell were they thinking to not even raise the concern or look at evidence to the contrary?

This is a kids’ soccer league, not the World Cup. Why not do everything possible to avoid disqualifying everybody?

Something about this whole thing stinks like yesterday’s diapers. And someone needs to lose a job over this, because they completely suck at their so-called “job”. Also, if this league is involved with any national club/charter, then the national club/charter needs to sanction the hell out of these people, because this is absolutely inexcusable.

Somebody effed up and effed up badly, so somebody needs to face the music over this. Sooner, not later.


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