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“Here We Are, At the End…”

This was the view I had earlier tonight; the always lovely Fox Cities Stadium. This was the second to last home game of the year for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. It was also my last game of the season. Although … Continue reading

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I Literally Cannot

In “Oh shit, why are you even fucking DOING THIS?!” news: Hasbro is suing DC over the trademark “Bumblebee”. I’m not making this up, either. This slag is very, very real. From the article: Bumblebee is one of the central heroes … Continue reading

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Brand “News” from Hasbro (Not HasCon Related)

It appears that Hasbro has applied for a new trademark: Allspark Animation. It would seem that this new trademark is meant to handle entertainment services, specifically movies, television and web series. So what does this mean? Will this be the new studio … Continue reading

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On Texas

To say that things look bad in Texas is an understatement; Harvey has dropped fifty inches of rain in Houston. The flooding will be catastrophic, to say the least. I ache for these people. I truly do. I’ve been through something similar. I … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The intro to Garfield and Friends, AKA “Friends Are There”. I admit that I liked this theme a lot more than “Ready to Party”.

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Mini HasCon Update

Tiny update here: apparently there are some other discounts for HasCon up right now. Also, Hasbro is sending out physical tickets for the show. I’m a tad weirded out by that but whatever. I’m wondering why Hasbro saw fit to … Continue reading

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Nap Time!

Since it’s been an extra shitty week, we’re turning this into a kitty week! So here are a pair of cats, lounging together. Enjoy!

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The Gap

A few nights ago, Prime and I started talking and the subject turned to BotCon. I admitted that I wasn’t taking things all that well. Prime agreed but pointed out that we have a gap in our lives now; without … Continue reading

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We have some color on the trees now. It isn’t a lot, but I can see some insistent little yellow patches dotted on the nearby woods. Some are small enough to where if you blink, you can miss them. Others … Continue reading

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Micro HasCon Update

One small, minor HasCon update: it seems there are preregistrants who are trying to get some of their money back. So far, they have been told that they cannot get a refund. It looks as though they are stuck with … Continue reading

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