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For the New Year

May it be better than the previous one.

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

‘Have A Happy New Year’ From ‘Rudolph’s Shiny New Year’. I don’t see this one on TV as often as its predecessor, which is a shame.

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More Bumblebee News

I found this via Transformers Luxembourg–give ’em a click back in appreciation–and decided to share this with you. So here’s a rundown of the upcoming Bumblebee movie, including the release date: “On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge … Continue reading

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They Only Come Out At Night…

It’s been another shitty week, so we’re gonna transform it into a kitty week. So here are a pair of cats, getting into nightly mischief. Enjoy!

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Dangerous Words

Okay, so the CDC has clarified things; these words are not banned per se, but the agency does have to be careful about which words can and cannot be used in their reports. Because the wrong words mean the Grand … Continue reading

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Welcome to Wisconsin

That’s no exaggeration; the temperatures have gone South as of late. The wind chill has hit negative numbers and the high temps struggle to break double digits. It was bad enough today that Prime insisted he drive me to and … Continue reading

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Fifteen Reasons Why

I found this months ago and I’ve just now gotten around to taking it head on: called 15 Reasons People Are Hating On Anti-Vaxxers, this fetid pile of an article on BabyGaga–yes, that is actually the website’s fucking name!–will make your … Continue reading

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“How Are You?”

“How are you?” It’s a simple enough question; why do I have trouble answering it? Currently, we’ve just come out of the holiday season, which is one of the busiest and most stressful in all of retail. I’ve survived yet … Continue reading

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More Bumblebee Movie News

A little more news on the Bumblebee movie came out. It’s nothing major, really but it does have my interest piqued. Especially this (emphasis mine): Talking about his plans for Bumblebee, director Travis Knight (Kubo And The Two Strings) tells Empire,“I wanted … Continue reading

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From My Blog to Yours

A happy holiday season to all of you and best wishes for the coming new year.

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