It’s A Movement, All Right

You can guess which kind.

Apparently, Skeptic magazine has collectively lost its damned mind; I’ll let you read the small takedown over at Pharyngula, because my brain is simply too tired and frustrated to deal with the shit. Because it’s shit and I’m damned tired of screaming into the void.

No, I don’t know which is worse, the criticism of the #MeToo movement or the ridiculous defense of Jerry Sandusky. You are reading that correctly. Yes, those words are all in the same sentence. Skeptic magazine ran an article defending Jerry Sandusky. Because all victims lie or something like that, I don’t fucking know.

If the shit couldn’t get worse, there’s another post dealing with it on Jerry Coyne’s blog. Now, I’ve had some problems with Coyne’s blog–he’s more than happy to pull the “it’s not a paid platform, it’s actual free speech, you pinko commies” when it comes to abusive individuals–but this really takes the damned cake. We’re going to suddenly be skeptical and not believe the victims because there’s just no way an abuser isn’t a garbage human 24/7, no sirree! Besides, no one who’s actually been abused would want to stay around their abuser, right? I mean, why would they wait ever so long before they actually say anything about what happened to them? Isn’t that a little suspicious?

Meanwhile, one of Roy Moore’s accusers lost her home in what is believed to be arson. It’s not believed to have anything to do with the accusations against Moore. It doesn’t have to, believe me. It speaks volumes, just on its own.

It’s difficult enough, as a victim, to get anyone to listen to what you have to say. It’s maddening to go through the rigors of the justice system to try and get some sort of redress. But even if you make it that far, you still have to deal with this sort of garbage, of the people who shake their heads and cluck their tongues, claiming that all you’ve done is stir up trouble. How could you accuse someone so upstanding and decent of things so terrible? What did s/he ever do to you?

We told you. You didn’t–or wouldn’t–listen.

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1 Response to It’s A Movement, All Right

  1. RsBrat says:

    I agree with you. It infuriates me when people try to stifle the voices of the abused. They have went so far as to plant false accusers to discredit real ones. Think about how truly terrible that is. They want and need their powerful monsters to look good enough to continue to abuse and hurt people bad enough that they actually pay or convince someone (or maybe scare or threaten) to pretend and then be discredited. It is so wrong and insanely twisted. Sandusky? You have got to be kidding!!!

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