Open Mouth, Insert Backside: Benham Edition


It seems that the Benham Brothers felt the need to open their yaps about the latest school shooting. The op-ed in question appeared on WND, so no, I refuse to link to it. I feel dirty enough giving them my one, lonely little click. They seriously do not need it. However, I have coped the relevant portions and will do my takedown here.

As per usual, if this isn’t your thing, feel free to skip. But if you’re ready, just hit the jump below!

Our hearts broke as we heard the news of yet another mass high school shooting – this time in Parkland, Florida, where 17 souls were gunned down by a troubled, teenage boy named [name redacted]. We can’t imagine what the families are feeling right now.

All right, first off, the shooter was not “a teenage boy”. He was nineteen years old. At the age of eighteen, you are legally an adult in the eyes of the law. This “kid” is not a kid in any sense of the word. He can smoke. He can vote. He can go overseas and die in a war. He is an adult and he is old enough to know that what he was doing was wrong.

It’s also our duty to help make sense of it all – because the world system, especially the public school system, has no answers after something like this.

Metal detectors can’t fix evil hearts. Safe spaces don’t heal troubled minds. Political correctness doesn’t create better kids.

So, many people are just blaming the guns.

But an AR-15 didn’t kill these souls – [name redacted] did. The weapon he used wasn’t charged with 17 counts of pre-meditated murder. The man using it was.

Excuse me, but what the hell does political correctness or safe spaces have to do with this? This sounds a bit like a dog-whistle here.

But here’s the thing: if the shooter–I refuse to use his name–did not have access to an AR-15, would this have happened? Would the events of February 14th have occurred at all? It’s a thought.

The bottom line is that we live in a fallen world, where human beings have hearts capable of great evil, aided and abetted by demonic forces of Satan, who come only to “rob, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10a).

So when a horrific crime like this happens, we immediately know an evil man, possessed by an evil spirit, chose to take innocent life. This is the fallen world in which we live.

No. Just. No.

Satan had nothing to do with this. There was no “demonic possession” because demons do not exist. Just like angels do not exist. Let’s be blunt here: if god were real and he was omnipotent and omnipresent, don’t you think he’d–oh, I don’t know–get off his heavenly throne and maybe do something to stop the massacre?

Or to put it this way, there were probably victims in the shooting that were praying. Why didn’t god protect them? Did he hear them and simply shrug, saying he was too busy helping an Olympic athlete to win a medal? Or did he just mutter, “Oh, for my sake, that’s not how you pray! For that, I’m going to let this deranged lunatic shoot you!”

Yeah, it doesn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense to me, either.

Yet his choice did not take place in a vacuum. He lives in and has been educated by an American educational system that has completely rejected God, His statues and His ways.

Scripture reveals that when this happens in a society, moral corruption will manifest itself through violence.

“Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence” (Genesis 6:11).

Our public schools are proof positive of this powerful truth.

Just pay attention to the downward trend. The major problems in schools decades ago dealt more with tardiness, smoking and disrespect than in today’s schools, where drug abuse, illicit sex and school shootings are commonplace.

And this digression can be directly pinned back to the 1960s, where a series of Supreme Court decisions aggressively removed God from our schools.

Aaaaand here we go.

About that: shooting have taken place inside churches. The literal houses of god were not safe from someone with a gun. Thoughts and prayers and crying out to Jesus did nothing in either case. People were still shot and people were still injured and people still fucking died.

It’s time to turn back to the only One who can save us. Banning guns won’t fix the problem – because there’s not a police force big enough to make a man do what is right.


About that: several countries have gun restrictions in place. Most of them are quite tough. And we do not see the mass shootings in those countries that we see here in America. So, care to Flip That Fact Forward, oh great and wise Benham brothers? Or does that fact not fit with the narrative you two created?

But there is One, whose name is Jesus, who can penetrate the most hardened hearts.

We’ll still have trouble in this world because it is fallen until Christ returns, but we can find refuge and hope beyond the pain and suffering we feel now.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).

See above. Shootings have occurred in churches. Jesus can’t seem to overcome those pesky mass shootings, no matter where they happen. If he did, then there never would have been a shooting inside a church, because all the thoughts and prayers would have stopped the gun from working, or prevented the bullets from piercing anyone’s skin and/or vital organs.

I can’t lie here. The shooting in Florida was horrific and absolutely senseless. It is damn near impossible for me to wrap my brain around what happened. Try as we might, we can’t make logical sense of this.

However, claiming that “if we hadn’t gotten rid of this deity in our schools this would never have happened” does nothing. It’s a bunch of empty, hollow words, all sound and fury, signifying very little.

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