Asshat of the Week: Dead Eagles Edition

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Welcome to Asshat of the Week. This is where I point at an asshat and laugh at their idiocy. This week’s asshat is Jesse Hughes.

In a spectacular “Don’t cut yourself on all that edge, lord” moment, the frontman for the metal band Eagles of Death ripped into the Parkland students and called Emma Gonzalez “the awful face of treason”.

It gets worse, of course:

The post depicted Gonzalez tearing a copy of the US Constitution, which Hughes admitted had been a photoshopped, while writing “Behold… The awful face of treason… Survivor of nothing… Lover of treason… Enjoy your little moment… It’s about to end…” while tagging the post with hashtags like #stupidity, #hatersofliberty and #2ndamendment.

Uh, no. I think you need a primer of what treason actually is, dipstick.

trea·son: the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.

Protesting is not treason. Hell, if the Founding Fathers were alive, they’d probably be tickled damn pink that Ms. Gonzalez is exercising her First Amendment rights. She’s doing more for her country than you ever would, asshat. I’m also pretty damn sure that this little fact would make your head go asplode.

Hughes has deleted all but two of the five posts, including a drawing of a pill bottle labelled “Pills That Are Hard To Swallow” and a hand holding three pills, with arrows pointing to them and saying “Our guns aren’t going anywhere”, “There are only 2 genders”, and “Donald Trump will be your president for 7 more years.”

Aaaand you’re freaking transphobic, too! Aren’t you just a special little something? Ugh.

Pre-Bataclan, he told the now-defunct website, for instance, that it’s “sexist” for women to be Hollywood action heroes. I was once backstage at European music festival and overheard him explain that the movie ET is an allegory about a paedophile.

What. The. FUCK?!

No, seriously. What. The FUCK?! I got nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because that is the dumbest shit I have read in a very long time. Apparently, this guy has never played a game of Tomb Raider in his life and the E.T. thing… well, that’s just the bizarrest fan theory I’ve ever read.

As for the idea that his guns aren’t going anywhere: Remington is declaring bankruptcy. It’s small but it’s a freaking start. So trying swallowing that pill, Jesse, my boy. Be sure to choke on it, too. Because I’m sure it’ll be a jagged, bitter little pill as it goes down.

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