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Letters to Sammy: 30 Days of Endless Night

Dear Sammy, It’s officially been thirty days since we lost you. An entire month. On one hand, it feels like an eternity. On the other, it feels like yesterday. In either case, it doesn’t feel all that great. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Prime Days

So today is Prime Day, where the deals are hot and the weather hotter. It’s hard to believe that Prime and I ordered these tablets a year ago. They’ve been a game changer. My appetite is slowly coming back; I’ve … Continue reading

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An Open Letter: To WordPress

Dear WordPress, Y’all got some ‘splainin’ to do. Seriously. You see, I read that wonderful report. Yes, that one. And guess what? Seems you guys provided the blogging platform for this Grucifer 2.0 guy. Did I mention that he uploaded files … Continue reading

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