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“I hope I see you back here”

(Title is from “End of the Summer” by Theory of a Deadman) Last night was the last Timber Rattlers game of my season. The guys will finish out the home stand tonight, but will end things on the road in … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader Vol 1 Issue 17

It’s that time again. It’s that time of the week where I post news and views for you to peruse! It’s time for another edition of Weekly Reader! If you’ve got an article that you’d like featured, just drop a … Continue reading

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For Sammy

I miss you, Cat bucket. I always will.

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“Leaving me here on my own”

“I am Groot.” (Translation: Dat ass doe.) The title is a snippet from “Cruel Summer”. It seemed fitting. For reasons that I can’t–or rather, won’t–go into, my plans for TFCon have been absolutely scuttled this year. I can’t go. I … Continue reading

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Asshat of the Week: Pearl Clutching Edition

Welcome to Asshat of the Week, where I find an asshat and let everyone know that this person is an asshat. Because asshats don’t know that they are asshats; they are not all that self-aware. This week’s asshat is none … Continue reading

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This Happened

Remember that trademark dispute between DC and Hasbro? It seems that it’sĀ beenĀ settled. No, there aren’t a lot of details, but it seems that both companies came to an agreement and the case was dismissed. I don’t know about anyone else, … Continue reading

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Here’s Your Sign Redux

Retail and food service in a frigging nutshell. Trust me on that. We’ve had some storms move through our area; Prime and I are fine but it look me multiple tries to fix the internet and get it and the … Continue reading

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