Weekly Reader Vol 1 Issue 16

It’s time again for another Weekly Reader post, where I share stories with you. Got something interesting? Found a link you want to share? Let me know in the comments!

Stop Wallowing In Your White Guilt And Start Doing Something For Racial Justice (from the Huffington Post): “Dismantling structural racism does require white people to become more than a little uncomfortable as they both acknowledge and relinquish their power in order to achieve racial progress. But that enlightenment needs to lead to action, not just deeper reflection. Otherwise, it becomes part of the problem.”

Secular Skeptics Disbelieve Abuse Allegations Too (from Medium): “These ideas are not limited religious settings. We should be embedding such messages into communications at the social level to encourage everybody to report abuse allegations, whoever they are against and whichever community they are alleged to have come from.”

The case against empathy (from Vox): “According to Paul Bloom, a professor of psychology at Yale, most of us are completely wrong about empathy. The author of a new book titled Against EmpathyBloom uses clinical studies and simple logic to argue that empathy, however well-intentioned, is a poor guide for moral reasoning. Worse, to the extent that individuals and societies make ethical judgments on the basis of empathy, they become less sensitive to the suffering of greater and greater numbers of people.”

When a Stranger Decides to Destroy Your Life (from Gizmodo): “It was a link to a story about Glennon on She’s A Homewrecker, a site that exists for the sole purpose of shaming the alleged “other woman.” The author of the Homewrecker post claimed that she and her husband had used Glennon as their realtor and that everything was going great until one evening when she walked in on Glennon having sex with her husband on the floor of a home the couple had been scheduled to see. The unnamed woman went into graphic detail about the sex act and claimed she’d taken photos that she used to get everything from her husband in a divorce. The only photo she posted though was Glennon’s professional headshot, taken from her bio page on Re/Max’s site.”

I Fear Violent People, Not Transgender People (from John Pavlovitz): “But the threats didn’t come from a potential shooter or a terrorist bomber; not some unknown and unhinged lone wolf hiding in the shadows; not a deranged person with untreated psychosis they came from parents of the students—supposed adults.”

The Racist and Sexist History of Keeping Birth Control Side Effects Secret (from Broadly): “While it may be the first study of its kind to shed light on the relationship between hormonal birth control and depression, it’s not the first to find a link between hormonal birth control and mood change. And it’s only the latest in a long line of battles between women and their doctors over birth control.”

The Universe as We Understand It May Be Impossible (from the Atlantic): “But now, Vafa and his colleagues were conjecturing that in the string landscape, universes like ours—or what ours is thought to be like—don’t exist. If the conjecture is correct, Wrase and other string theorists immediately realized, the cosmos must either be profoundly different than previously supposed or string theory must be wrong.”

The Nastiest Feud in Science (from the Atlantic): “While the majority of her peers embraced the Chicxulub asteroid as the cause of the extinction, Keller remained a maligned and, until recently, lonely voice contesting it. She argues that the mass extinction was caused not by a wrong-place-wrong-time asteroid collision but by a series of colossal volcanic eruptions in a part of western India known as the Deccan Traps—a theory that was first proposed in 1978 and then abandoned by all but a small number of scientists. Her research, undertaken with specialists around the world and featured in leading scientific journals, has forced other scientists to take a second look at their data. “Gerta uncovered many things through the years that just don’t sit with the nice, simple impact story that Alvarez put together,” Andrew Kerr, a geochemist at Cardiff University, told me. “She’s made people think about a previously near-uniformly accepted model.””

And that’s it for this edition. Drop by again when I share other links and stories for you to peruse. Until then, happy reading!

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