Weekly Reader Vol 1 Issue 30

It’s time once again for news and views that you can peruse! It’s another edition of Weekly Reader! Got something you’d want to post? A story you found that’s interesting? A blog post you want to share with the world? Drop a link in the comments!

We Need More Alternatives to Facebook (from Technology Review): “That’s where Mark Zuckerberg would probably get a little uncomfortable. Because Facebook is all about concentrating power in one network—his, which he calls “a global community.” If in reality Facebook tends to promote polarization and tribalism, Zuckerberg seems to believe that can be fixed with a few tweaks. In his February letter he said Facebook would try to reduce sensationalism on the site and take other steps to help make people better informed and more engaged in democracy.

Zuckerberg doubtless means well, but the problem is not that we need a slightly better Facebook. It’s that Facebook—a company worth $400 billion because it vacuums up information about our tastes, our shopping habits, our political beliefs, and just about anything else you might think of—is too powerful in the first place. What we need is to spend less time on Facebook.”

Why You Should NOT Choose Operation Christmas Child (from Love Joy Feminism via Patheos): “But this is not my only reason for not supporting Operation Christmas Child—nor the most important. Indeed, I would not participate in Operation Christmas Child even if it were not religious, and it is my contention that evangelical Christian families have ample reasons not participate in Operation Christmas Child either. Why? Put simply, there are a host of problems associated with the Operation Christmas Child model.”

This Is All Donald Trump Has Left (from the Concourse via Deadspin): “His politics, to the extent that they’ve ever been legible, have always been off-the-rack big city tabloid bullshit—crudely racist exterminate the brutes/back the blue authoritarianism in the background and ruthless petty rich person squabbling in the front. His actions since becoming president have been those of a dim, cruel child playacting at being a powerful man—giving orders without quite knowing what they mean or how they might be carried out, taunting enemies, beating up the people he can afford to beat up without having to be called to account for it, lying as needed or just for yuks. He hasn’t changed a thing since graduating from punchline to president. It’s been clear for decades that Trump was both an asshole and a dummy; this is now a problem not just for the odd unlucky cocktail waitress and his staff of cheesy apparatchiks but for literally every person on earth.”

John Allen Chau and the Priorities of a Soulwinner (from Roll To Disbelieve via Patheos): “Who here even feels surprised by Ed Stetzer’s proud display of boorishness? I’ll go you one further: Who even feels surprised that Ed Stetzer is not only proud of being so boorish, but is urging his followers to be similarly boorish–if not more so?

Such zealots are a dime a dozen. Most of us encounter someone like him every single day, and often many more times than that. Even the Christians who think of themselves as way nicer than evangelicals often swim and breathe in that same noxious atmosphere to the point where they don’t quite understand what the problem is with unwanted evangelism–as we saw in the comments when a Christian showed up to defend Stetzer’s behavior.”

How a Naturopathic Doctor Ended My Dear Friend’s Life (from Without A Crystal Ball via Patheos): “Fourteen years ago I walked into a party at a home where I knew no one. My friend Paul invited me because he told me I had to meet his friend Krista. Paul was right because Krista and I did have a lot in common. We became fast friends, and I found myself engulfed in her natural life. Then one day all of it came to a crashing end. Only weeks before my wedding, she told me she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Krista told me she was refusing chemotherapy. Instead of following the standard of care for her early stage breast cancer, she opted to use a naturopathic doctor. Less than five years later she died.”

Please Stop Saying I’m Anti-Trump (from John Pavlovitz): “More often though, strangers say this as a pointed criticism; the assertion that I am somehow preoccupied with one person to the point of dangerously disproportionate anger; that I am singularly fueled by an unhealthy hatred for this President.

That isn’t the real story here.

This in many ways, has nothing to do with Trump.”

Salvation Army Official: Gays Deserve Death (from the Atlantic–although the article is from 2012, it is still relevant. Skip that red kettle!): “The apology doesn’t mention Craibe by name, and yes, a charity (a charity!) to have to carefully point out that they don’t condone physical harm towards gays and lesbians is pretty embarrassing. But it also shows you that Craibe’s interview might not be the organization’s biggest problem.”

“Girl, Wash Your Face” Is A Massive Best-Seller With A Dark Message (from BuzzFeed News): “But to my mind, her core philosophy itself is emblematic of a huge division in American thought that dominates our national discourse: Are people who have problems responsible for fixing them themselves? Or is there some collective responsibility that we are shirking — does a society owe something to all its members? There are dark implications in making everything a matter of personal responsibility, which is Hollis’s bias. She asks us to interrogate and deconstruct the lies that we’ve believed about ourselves, and I wonder how that lens would function if we turn it on the lies she promulgates in Girl, Wash Your Face.

And that’s all for now. Drop by again where I’ll post more links to make you think. Until then , happy reading!

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