Weekly Reader Vol 1 Issue 40

It’s time once again for news and views that you can peruse! It’s another edition of your Weekly Reader! As always, if you find something that you’d like or want to share, drop a link in the comments! The more reading material, the better!

Whatever Happened To Those Girls Who Signed “Purity Pledges”? Hint: It’s Not Good (from Bust): “When Jamie A. had sex for the first time, she hoped it would be special. She’d waited until she was 27, and she imagined that her boyfriend—who was 35—would be thrilled when she revealed she was a virgin. She assumed they’d marry and that the relationship would finally bring her the deep fulfillment she’d longed for all through her 20s. But, instead of pleasing him, her inexperience disturbed her boyfriend. Their relationship ended soon after they first had sex, and Jamie’s sense of self-worth was shattered. She’d been raised to believe that any sexual feelings or actions outside heterosexual marriage were sinful, and that her worth lay mainly in her role as a virgin bride. Now that she was no longer a virgin and the man she’d planned to marry was gone, she didn’t know who she was anymore. She needed therapy in order to begin to untangle her sexuality and sense of self from her religious past. Her story might sound extreme—but it’s not unique. Thanks to the internet, thousands of other people like Jamie, whose lives were drastically affected by purity culture, are now connecting with each other, finding help, and making their voices heard.”

Why America Was Taught To Hate Atheists (from Rational Doubt via Patheos): “If you asked Americans to list the most negative labels to give someone, “atheist” would probably be on that list. Growing up, the message I got was that being an atheist is akin to being amoral and un-American. Sunday School made it clear that atheists were bad, Godless people.

If you grew up in the 50’s or 60’s you didn’t need Sunday school to be taught to hate atheists. Because in the early 50’s, the American government initiated a massive, multi-pronged campaign to demonize atheism — and it worked well.”

GUEST POST: From Toxic Boss to Dream Job Because of a Holy Shit Moment (from James Fell: Body For Wife): “The Christmas party a month later was what broke me.  Like a benevolent potentate, my boss had handed out the bonus checks to everyone. In front of everyone.

I didn’t get one.

But with the breaking, I suddenly put myself back together stronger.”

Fascists Find Fertile Recruitment Ground in Anti-Choice Movement (from Rewire News): “There are sometimes distinctions between the religious, conservative anti-choice agenda and that of white supremacists. While religious anti-choice activists want abortion to end in all cases, the far right seeks to end abortion for white people while forcing people of color not to have children through measures such as forced abortions and forced sterilization. Still, some U.S. fascists advocate for a full ban on abortion, similar to the mainline conservative position. In some cases, the long-term goal of fascists is a future in which “artificial wombs” replace women altogether. While there’s some difference in the agendas, the common ground shared by conservatives and the far right on abortion leaves a large enough opening for fascists to infiltrate.”

Authoritarians, Designated Adults, and Control of Language (from Roll To Disbelieve via Patheos): “The more authoritarian the would-be gatekeeper is, the more blunt-force the gate is, and the more brutal the repression of information flow will be–as well as the more vicious the retaliation will be if dissenters spread that information anyway.

Policing language means about what you probably imagine it does: trying to control how people communicate, what words and phrases and ideas they share, and how events and concepts will be discussed.”

Comments on Gillette Video on Toxic Masculinity Prove Need to Talk about Toxic Masculinity (from James Fell: Body For Wife): “It doesn’t say all men are like this. Far from it. It’s a rallying cry to the good men to step up and help stop this kind of behavior. There is a cameo from Terry Crews saying, “Men need to hold other men accountable.” And Terry is right, because the toxic ones don’t listen to women. But they might listen to other men. Especially if there are enough of us joining together and saying, “Dude, no.””

I Yelled First: Some Thoughts on Parenting (from Love Joy Feminism via Patheos): “This feels bigger than me. When kids yell at their parents, they’re treated as a big, serious problem. You can’t let your kid yell at you. They’re out of control! They’re being selfish brats! They’re going to grow up to be serial killers! But we parents? Even when we try not to, we do it all the time—and we frequently don’t think twice about it. There’s something that feels fundamentally broken about how we approach parenting. Why do we expect our children to be more mature than we are?

Nuance Is Often Lost In The Discussion Of Toxic Masculinity (from According To Matthew via Patheos): “Men in our society get a lot of garbage messages regarding how to treat women and how to handle their emotions. Some men rise above this and some do not. The good men out there should feel motivated to talk to other men about the unhealthy ideas others may have internalized about women and emotions (again these unhealthy ideas could be defined as the “traditional” or “toxic” masculinity).”

And that’s all for this round. Stop by again next time for more links and articles that you didn’t know you had to read. Until then, happy reading!

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