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Seven Quick Takes: Inaugural Edition

1) Current mood: Yeah, it’s that bad. And I see no end in sight. 2) Today the Troublemakers got squished into pancakes. Gotta love mammograms. Go me. 3) Currently, I’m reading This Is Where It Ends, which is both harrowing … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader Vol 2 Issue 4

It’s time once again for news and views that you can peruse! It’s another edition of your Weekly Reader! As always, if you have something you’d like to share, drop a link in the comments! The more, the merrier, so … Continue reading

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Ofprime and Baseball

Welcome to the Republic of Gilead. Blessed be the fruit. So why is this post so late? Because Prime and I were here, at another Rattlers game. We got there early, as in, the Peoria Chiefs were taking batting practice. … Continue reading

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A Matter of Priorities

Every blastocyst is sacred. Actual living, breathing migrant children? Not so much. I wish I wasn’t so cynical. I just finished Salt to the Sea; if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it. “Gripping” is putting it mildly. … Continue reading

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Rebooting the Heart

I don’t think that will work. Now, removal of the loads of flotsam in our government, especially the ones that have an (R) by their name? That’ll do wonders. This morning, as I sat in McDonald’s, I spied the headline … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Nostalgia Crush!

The opening and closing to¬†Happy Days. Yes, I watched it, because the Fonz was cool. If you think otherwise, then you would be wr–, you’d be wr–, you wouldn’t be correct!

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Check Meowt

It’s been another shitty week, so let’s turn it into a kitty week. So here’s a couple of Siamese cats. Enjoy!

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