Weekly Reader: Vol 2 Issue 28

It’s time once again for news and views that you can peruse! It’s another edition of your Weekly Reader! As always, if you have something you’d like to share, drop a link in the comments! The more articles, the better! Because sharing is caring!

NYC’s $15 minimum wage hasn’t brought the restaurant apocalypse — it’s helped them thrive (from Business Insider): “While the city’s restaurant growth is likely a result of the city’s overall strong economy, the report’s findings might suggest that paying workers more won’t immediately lead to job loss or other negative business consequences as previously thought.”

Do our pets ever really love us – or do they just stick around for the food? (from The Guardian–In my experience, the answer to the question is yes, they love us.): “I often find myself wondering whether Dustin loved us. The shamefully needy part of me wants reassurance that we made his 11 years as pleasurable as possible. But can we ever really understand what pets feel for us? After a year of this topic swirling around in my head, I thought I would share where I’ve got to.”

A scam targeting Americans over the phone has resulted in millions of dollars lost to hackers. Don’t be the next victim. (from CNN): “Hackers may use what’s known as social engineering to try and obtain or compromise information about you, which could then be used to gain access to something such as your bank account.

What that means is simple: they tricked you, or someone who knows you, to compromise your account.”

Measles Wipes Your Immune System’s ‘Memory,’ So It Can’t Fight Other Infections (from LiveScience): “Once infected, the amnesic immune system no longer recognizes the harmful pathogens that it has fought off in the past. This means measles survivors can remain susceptible to dangerous diseases — such as the flu and pneumonia — for years to come, despite having weathered their initial illness.”

Free Speech Is Killing Us (from The New York Times): “After one of the 8chan-inspired massacres — I can’t even remember which one, if I’m being honest — I struck up a conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop. We talked about how bewildering it was to be alive at a time when viral ideas can slide so precipitously into terror. Then I wondered what steps should be taken. Immediately, our conversation ran aground. “No steps,” he said. “What exactly do you have in mind? Thought police?” He told me that he was a leftist, but he considered his opinion about free speech to be a matter of settled bipartisan consensus.”

The Electoral College doesn’t benefit small states. What it does is even dumber. (from The Week): “It’s not hard to discern what is going on here. Conservatives currently perceive that the Electoral College provides them with a partisan advantage, and so they are reverse-engineering arguments to support it. They typically boil down to this sort of maudlin appeal to an idyllic image of family farms and small towns. But they just don’t hold up under any scrutiny.”

Richard Dawkins Loves Evangelicals if They Hate Social Justice (from Skepchick): “This isn’t going to be shocking news to many of you who have been, you know, paying attention to what has been happening amongst New Atheists for the past decade. It’s something I (and many others) have been warning people about this entire time — Dawkins, Sam Harris, and others pretend to be pinnacles of rationalism until the subject matter is something they don’t like much, like religions they’re unfamiliar with, or philosophies they don’t understand, or women politely requesting they not be groped at an atheist conference. Just to name some random things.”

‘Being Careful’ Won’t Prevent Revenge Porn (from The Cut): “Pelosi’s disappointment is understandable: Hill was a promising freshman, often referred to as a “rising star,” who flipped her California district from red to blue last November. But in her comments to the press, the Speaker made it clear that she didn’t grasp the severity of the abuse that helped derail Hill’s career, nor did she understand who was truly at fault for the leak. There are two Hill stories, and they shouldn’t be conflated. One is a scandal and the other is a crime. Hill’s choice to engage in an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate doesn’t change the fact that she was the victim of revenge porn.”

Powerful men are crying ‘due process’ to avoid public criticism (from The Washington Post): “Never mind that, even if we put legal standards aside and think about due process as many laypeople mean it — basic fairness — neither Weinstein nor Trump has been treated unjustly. Considerable evidence suggests both men abused their power. Both have the opportunity to present their defenses to the public on platforms far larger than that of the comedian who compared Weinstein to the horror film killer Freddy Krueger, and later, in both cases, before a tribunal. That’s fair.”

This Congolese Doctor Discovered Ebola But Never Got Credit For It — Until Now (from NPR): “Muyembe says he washed his hands, but it was really luck that kept him from contracting an infection. He knew immediately this was something he’d never seen before. Some of the Belgian nuns in the village had been vaccinated against yellow fever and typhoid, but this disease was different. It was killing people fast. When he took liver samples with a long needle, the same thing would happen — blood would continue to gush.”

This Presidency Has Exposed My White Christian Friends (from John Pavlovitz): “White pastors now lob it through incendiary sermons into their congregations, white politicians plaster it upon campaign billboards, white police officers send it out in group emails, white teachers wave it in front of their students, white civilians spit it out in viral videos at coffeeshops and public parks, white terrorists parade it unmasked through city streets.

And my white friends and family members and neighbors are rejoicing in this Renaissance of open ugliness—and I never saw it coming.”

Outrage as US rapper TI says he has daughter’s hymen checked annually (from The Guardian): “He acknowledged a woman’s hymen can be broken outside of sexual activity, but countered by saying: “So then they come and say, ‘Well, I just want you to know that there are other ways besides sex that the hymen can be broken like bike riding, athletics, horseback riding and just other forms of athletic physical activity’. So I say, ‘Look, Doc, she don’t ride no horses, she don’t ride no bike, she don’t play no sports. Just check the hymen, please, and give me back my results expeditiously.’” The comments have since been edited out of the podcast.”

On that seriously creepy note from T.M.I., we’ll draw this one to a close. Stop by again for more news, articles, and thought provoking pieces that you didn’t know you had to read. So until next time, happy reading!

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