Weekly Reader: Vol 2 Issue 42

It’s time once again for news and views that you can peruse. It’s time once again for your Weekly Reader! Got some hot links, blog posts, or articles from a local paper you’d like to share? Head over to the comments and let us know. We love to share here!

I Just Want To Leave This World (from John Pavlovitz): “Every day I do my best to gather my strength, redouble my resolve, and step out into the brokenness and enmity, bleeding heart affixed to my sleeve—but a disorienting spiritual nausea soon grips me as I try and navigate the now wildly-shifting bedrock of what I once believed and the people I thought I knew and the home I imagined I had. No ground feels solid anymore.”

America’s ‘recycled’ plastic waste is clogging landfills, survey finds (from The Guardian): “Many plastic items that Americans put in their recycling bins aren’t being recycled at all, according to a major new survey of hundreds of recycling facilities across the US.

The research, conducted by Greenpeace and released on Tuesday, found that out of 367 recycling recovery facilities surveyed none could process coffee pods, fewer than 15% accepted plastic clamshells – such as those used to package fruit, salad or baked goods – and only a tiny percentage took plates, cups, bags and trays.”

If you want to save bumble bees, plant these flowers in your yard (from CNN): “Jerry Cole, lead author of the research and biologist at the Institute for Bird Populations in California, said there are a few potential reasons behind the declines: competition with other insect species, transfer of parasites from honey bees to bumble bees, loss of floral resources, or a mismatch between the phenology of plant species and the phenology of bumble bee species.”

One year inside Trump’s monumental Facebook campaign (from The Guardian): “On Facebook, Trump is vastly outspending his Democratic rivals. The top-spending Democratic candidate, Tom Steyer, spent $16.8m on just 12,704 ads on the platform over the course of the year. The former South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg came closest to matching Trump’s volume of advertisements, with 74,286 distinct ads.”

How did the last Neanderthals live? (from the BBC): “To show me exactly what he meant, Clive and his team reconstructed some intriguing Neanderthal habits. A dead vulture, carefully kept frozen, was brought out and dissected in front of me, to show how Neanderthals might have done so thousands of years earlier.

They carefully removed the bird’s body tissue. What was left appeared to be a stunning and elaborate black-feathered decorative cape, extending, of course, the length of the vulture’s wing span. They may have wrapped this around their shoulders, Clive says.”

A deadly virus is spreading from state to state and has infected 26 million Americans so far. It’s the flu (from CNN): “The flu becomes dangerous when secondary infections emerge, the result of an already weakened immune system. Bacterial and viral infections compound the flu’s symptoms. People with chronic illnesses are also at a heightened risk for flu complications.

Those complications include pneumonia, inflammation in the heart and brain and organ failure — which, in some cases, can be fatal.”

I Went Back To My Abuser After A Week. This Is Why It’s So Hard For Women To Get Out For Good. (from The Huffington Post): “The next time, we were in my bedroom. One moment we were arguing, and the next I was looking up at him from the floor.

We’d been fighting a lot by then. The wrong answer to a question could set off a chain of events that would end with walls being punched, glasses being thrown and me cowering on the couch trying to make sense of it all.”

A male lawmaker worries women will abuse a tax break to hoard tampons (from Vox): “Five states, including New York and California, have passed legislation requiring that tampons and pads be provided free in public schools, a recognition that students need reliable access to the products in order to attend and participate fully in class. Additionally, several states have passed bills requiring that the products be made available free to people who are incarcerated.”

Traveling teen mistakenly taken down by local police. ACLU has filed a lawsuit (from The Dispatch-Argus): “Two officers had Jaylan on the ground — his face pressed into the snow and an officer’s knee pressed into his back. One cop was pointing a shotgun, Butler and Slingerland said, and another had a gun pointed at the 19-year-old’s head.

“He said, ‘If you move, I’ll blow your (expletive) head off,'” Butler said.”

While Decent White People Were Sleeping, The Bigots Stole America (from John Pavlovitz): “I wonder if we’re fully awake now.

I wonder if we’re ready to cast off the cobwebs of our complacency and enter fully into the bloody fray in front of us.

I wonder if we’re willing to rouse ourselves into lucidity and step into the jagged trenches of the fight of our lives and for the disparate swath of humanity who we’ve let down.”

That’s all for today. Stop by again for more information that you didn’t know that you needed in your life right now. So until then, happy reading!

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