“Deranged” Is Right

This is so truthful it hurts.

Heard around the house:
Prime: Do you really want that character in your kid’s line?
Me: Who?
Prime: Tarn!
Me (confused): Huh…?
Prime: The leader of the DJD?!
Me (still confused): …ooooookay…

I found this via Joe.My.God a while ago, but it’s from Charisma News. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve done a takedown, so I figured, why not? If this isn’t your thing, don’t head past the jump. Everyone else? Let’s do this thing!

Okay, we start out with a real doozy and it just gets worse from there:

Light versus darkness. Good versus evil. God’s plans and purposes versus the enemy’s deceitful agenda. That is the binary way Bible-believing Christians see the world. An argument can be made that, at one time, most Americans would have understood this and seen it the same way. So the struggle politically isn’t just between differing political philosophies but between good and evil. And I believe that behind the craziness manifested by so-called “Trump Derangement Syndrome” are principalities and powers.

Okay, since when has disagreeing with an elected official become “craziness”? Because a lot of these guys were more than happy to equate Obama with the anti-Christ. Instead, when someone exactly like the anti-Christ decided to run for president, the evangelicals were more than happy to vote for him!

Also, it is anything but craziness to protest, resist, or oppose Trump. Look what the guy has done in the past few years; it’s anything but great.

If you’re Pentecostal or charismatic, you are probably familiar with the phrase “spiritual warfare.” It’s a phrase we use to describe the unseen battle between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. Everything we do has an effect on this spiritual battle, and spiritual forces have an effect on us as well. At times when we are under spiritual attack, we can feel an increased intensity or struggle to accomplish what we feel God has called us to do.

Spiritual warfare isn’t a thing. It doesn’t exist. Because angels, demons, holy ghosts, and gods aren’t real. And really, if they did, why would any of them give even a quarter of a shit what John Q. Dipshit says or does on a daily basis? I mean, is Satan sitting there saying, “Kathy Lipschitz in Dunghole, Wisconsin just said she doesn’t believe in Jesus! Now is the time to rise and strike, my demons! The realm of humans will soon be ours! BWA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAA!!”

Yeah, I don’t think so.

When you look at it that way, you start to see just how ridiculous these sorts of beliefs truly are; I had to deal with a certain type of this when I was a child. My mother was a Jehovah’s Witness, and there were certain things I could and could not do because those actions would give Jehovah a huge sad. Some of them were rather innocuous, such as not reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Others were downright dangerous, such as the refusal of blood or blood products when it comes to medical procedures. That one could have meant death for my parents or myself and that actually frightened me tremendously when I was young. The idea that my mother might deny me or my father a lifesaving blood transfusion and simply stand by and let either of us die because she didn’t want to risk upsetting her imaginary friend is absolutely horrifying.

When you look at it that way, it goes from being ridiculous to being dangerous.

Many Christians see this increased resistance as a sign of spiritual warfare. It can happen in our personal lives or in our families, our churches, our communities and even our country. There are spiritual beings assigned to oversee various realms and territories. This explains why charismatics and even many evangelical Christians see what is going on in our country and in Donald Trump’s presidency as a spiritual battle. Even some mainline Protestants who usually avoid acknowledging such things as demonic spirits admit that the vitriol has gotten so extreme in America that maybe there is spiritual warfare behind it.

Yes, the vitriol is extreme, but it is not because of a group of imagined beings playing an unseen game of Tug of War in the sky. It’s because Trump is doing truly terrible shit during his “presidency”. There’s the whole migrant kids in cages thing. There’s the whole eroding of LGBTQ rights. There’s the whole “Build the Wall!” bullshit.

So yeah, there’s a sort of spiritual warfare going on, but it has nothing to do with angelic Hide and Seek. It has everything to do with our nation and how it treats people. But hey, Trump hates all the “right” people so the evangelicals are perfectly hapy to support him.

Granted, I’m not a theologian. I’m a Christian journalist. And my new book, God, Trump, and the 2020 Election, is not a treatise on the supernatural. But as a Christian who is aware of this unseen world and someone who believes that we have authority over these powers through the name and blood of Jesus, I could not write a book about all that is at stake for our country without shedding light on the very real struggle in the spiritual realm. It’s critical to look with spiritual eyes at America and our unlikely president, who stands strong for what I believe is right while experiencing unparalleled attacks that often defy reason.


Our “president” stands strong for hatred and abuses of power. But considering how much of a spoiled brat the pathetic godling of the bible acts, it makes perfect sense that so many religiots would consider Trump godly.

Also, if you want a president who had to weather truly unpresidented attacks, just look back a few years to the Obama presidency. But you know, he was a bacon eating, beer drinking Muslim born in the wilds of Hawai’i Kenya, don’t you know, so he doesn’t count!

In fact, to me, the vengeance with which some people hate Trump can only be understood if seen in spiritual terms. Of course, there are many examples of unspeakable evil that at least make sense when seen in spiritual terms. Recognizing spiritual forces makes it easier to understand the actions of a Hitler or why there has been genocide in places such as Rwanda. Poverty, war, murder, hate and many other sins make sense if you believe there are malevolent forces at work in the world. Even the hatred of brother against brother, horrible domestic violence and nasty divorce fall into the same category. You can understand these horrible things better when you realize that both God and Satan operate in the earth through people.

Hitler was catholic. Just saying.

I hate what Trump does becaus what he does is shitty. He treats people like garbage; everything is a business transaction to him. I honestly think that the man is utterly incapable of loving anyone other than himself and he seemingly can’t comprehend the idea of other people caring about each other. He’s outright admitted that if he died, Melania wouldn’t be upset about it.

The malevolent force at work here, the demon incarnate is actually Trump. But the evangelicals simply can’t see the anti-Christ in the room White House because he’s their demon and dammit, they love him.

So if we can accept that there is a devil and he influences humans to do his bidding, then we can conclude that people are subject to these spiritual authorities even if they don’t understand what they are doing or why.

Actually, I undertand exactly why I can’t stand the man: he’s a narcissitic asshole, pure and simple. It has nothing to do with Satan, or demons, or spiritual warfare or anything of the like. It has everything to do with what I have been seeing during the past three years; none of it was good.

Even Christians can be Satan’s tools. If you’ve ever lived through a bitter church split, you know the devil’s influence on church politics. Or ask a Christian couple who survived a nasty divorce. Yes, Christians can be influenced by demons too. But my goal is not to open a debate about whether a Christian can be possessed or oppressed by a demon. My point is that even if oppressed is the more accurate term, if Christians aren’t tuned in to God’s voice, they too can fall prey to the lies of the enemy and be used for his purposes.

Demonic possession isn’t a thing. It doesn’t exist. And really, is god so weak that if someone can be influenced by Satan simply because they’re angry? I thought that this god was an awesome god and could do anything, or am I wrong?

Other books about Trump’s presidency or our country’s current affairs will likely explain everything in political or cultural terms. I believe, however, that the only way to truly discern what’s happening in our nation is through spiritual eyes. This is not a war between Left and Right or between Democrats and Republicans or even between President Trump and his political opponents. It’s spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare surrounds us all the time. It’s a daily battle the enemy wages in our personal lives, in our homes, in our cities and even in Washington.

Actually, history book will not mention anything about religion, except to point out that the religious were complaicent in the face of true evil. If anything, future history books will shine a light on the hypocrisy of the so-called “Moral Majority”.

Only those with spiritual discernment will understand this. And it explains why the Left went berserk when Trump was elected. You could see it in all the protests, some of which involved violence. You also see it in the way the Left attacks Christianity in general. For example, some on the Left are actually introducing bills that would make it illegal for Christians to help people with same-sex attractions or who were uncertain about their gender identity. Is the next step labeling the Bible a hate book because it condemns sins that people love and want to make legal? Thankfully that legislation has not passed, but it goes to show the extremes people will go to oppose biblical principles.

Violence? The only violence I remember during a protest just happened to be during the “Unite the Right” rally and that involved a conservative ramming his car through a peaceful protest, killing Heather Heyer. If we’re talking about Antifa, they bother no one except fascists. If there’s been violence, it’s mostly been Trump supporters who are behind it.

As for the bills about christians “helping” gays? Yeah, that’s about conversion therapy, which isn’t therapy at all but more of a “pray away the gay” thing. It’s torture under the guise of helping someone. And don’t even get me started on how “loving” christians have treated transgender people. Holy shit.

And no, I don’t think the bible should be labled as a hate book. It should, however, be placed next to the volumes of Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology. Becuse it’s little more than myths and they aren’t very good ones, at that. I mean, at least Asgard has Loki!

If this kind of behavior goes unchecked, I believe we are only two or three elections away from extreme liberals getting a firm upper hand. And as Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. The only way they can inherit the freedom we have known is if we fight for it, protect it, defend it and then hand it to them with the well thought lessons of how they in their lifetime must do the same.”

Oh yes, extreme liberals. Yeah, they’ll totally ruin this country by making sure corportions have to pay their share of taxes, make sure that children have food, shelter and education, pass legislation to make sure every citizen in this country has healthcare, and raise the minimun wage to an actual living wage. Oh yeah, that’s totes gonna run this great country into the ground. 🙄

Also, Reagan was a shitty human being. He stood by with his thumb up his ass as gay men died horribly from AIDS; nothing was done until the disease started showing up in the straight population.

So fuck him, his wife, their astrologer, and the jackass that they all rode in on, as far as I’m concerned.

We need to heed his words and fight harder, because the Left already has the upper hand with the younger generations of voters through the news media, academia and popular culture. The Left gets the church to go along with its values by creating a false dichotomy between politics and spiritual matters. The Left has taken abortion—which is really a spiritual matter of defending life—and turned it into a purely political issue. It has taken same-sex marriage—a spiritual matter of biblical marriage—and turned it into a political issue of defending the rights of the LGBTQ community. Once leftists turn these spiritual matters into political issues, they tell the church to stand off with their false understanding of separation of church and state.

The reason why younger voters are more secular is that they are educated. The more education you have, the less religious you are and a good number of the younger generation have been to college. Do the math. Now, about the supposed spiritual matters…

The bible does not condemn abortion. Not once. If anything, there are instructions in the bible for performing the procedure–the Ordeal of the Bitter Water–in the event that a man thought his wife may have commited adultry. Then, there’s the Great Flood, which had only one surviving family and a handful of animals on a leaky boat, who were tasked to repopulate the entire planet afterwards. Every other human drowned in the flood waters, every man, woman, child, infant, toddler, embryo, zygote, fetus, along with all of the remaining animals, who had done absolutely nothing wrong.

Jehovah/Yahweh/god/whatever you call it doesn’t give a damn about babies, whether they are born or “unborn”. Then, there’s the matter of biblical marriage.

Biblical marriage means a rapist and his victim. Biblical marriage is a man and his brother’s widow. Biblical marriage is King Solomon, who had three hundred wives and seven hundred concubines. Among other things.

Biblical marriage is not, nor has it ever been, strictly one man, one woman. Again, the religious don’t read their mythology and it shows.

As for the separation of church and state: there are a lot of moderate christians who don’t want the church to meddle in politics, for good reason. If you make allowances for churches, you have to make allowances for every one else. That means Muslims, Jews, and yes, even Satanists can have their say on matters. The catholic church might claim that performing abortions or in vitro fertilization in the hospitals they own is against their beliefs, a Satanist can say that healthcare is their right. There will be lawsuits and things will get pretty sticky; the evangelicals will get very uncomfortable very quickly when they see the Five Pillars of Islam hanging next to the Ten Commandments in their child’s schoolroom.

I don’t believe this struggle in America is just about separation of church and state, and neither do most Christians. It’s a battle between spiritual forces, but which ones?

Apparently, it’s a struggle between common sense and superstition. But you can’t tell these guys that. Because to them, Trump’s the new Jesus Christ. Or at the very least, their gilded Orange Jackass.

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