A Horse A Piece

If 2020 were an intersection

I’ve been hitting the Switch fairly hard lately; I’ve already caught Regirock and Regice, next up will be Registeel. But once I’m done with those three, I have a choice to make: Regidrago or Regieleki. Apparently, you have to choose between the two and you can’t get both of them on just one game unless you trade. I’m not too crazy about that, but since I have a save file on Shield as well, it’s going to be a case of “Which one do I like more?” But that’s not the only decision I’m going to have to make.

I bought a package of Carrot Seeds and depending on where I plant them, I’ll be able to catch either Glastrier or Spectrier. Again, it’s one or the other, not both. Granted, I’ll go for the one I didn’t get in Sword when I play Shield, but it’s another case of which one I like better. To be honest, I’m leaning towards the Ice Horse; the moment I saw it, the first thing I whispered was “Sleipnir“. I don’t exactly know why. So I’m thinking I’ll be going for that one.

A can of soup here, a bottle of water there, I’m still gathering staples for my stash. I think I’m pretty good on kitty food, so Lulu should be fine. I may pick up another bag of her kibble this weekend, as the new Pet Supplies Plus will be opening. I want to make sure Lulu has everything she needs, just like Prime and I. She’s our little furry baby, after all.

Sailor, one of the newer hires in Member Service, went home sick today. She’s been doing this a lot lately, yet she wants a full time position. I hate to say it, but her going home early isn’t going to help her in that regard; management won’t see her as dependable. Or, it may not even matter; management hires and promotes whomever they want and there seems to be no rhyme or reason for any of it.

Halloween is this Saturday, but we had snow a couple of days ago. It didn’t stick around, but we still had it. We went from autumn to winter in under a week. Typical Wisconsin for you.

About Silverwynde

I'm a Transformers fan, Pokémon player, Brewers fan and all-out general nerd. I rescue abandoned Golett, collect as many Bumblebee decoys and figures as I can find and I've attended every BotCon--official and non--since 1999. I'm also happily married to a fellow Transfan named Prime and we were both owned by a very intelligent half-Siamese cat, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 16, 2018. We still miss him. But we're now the acting staff of a Maine Coon kitty named Lulu, who pretty much rules the house. Not that we're complaining about that.
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