We Have a Word for You Guys

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: A Tennessee school board just banned the Holocaust graphic novel ‘Maus’, due to language and nudity. As you can expect, there is a metric fuckton of idiocy to sift through, so let’s get started, shall we?

The Jan. 10 vote by the McMinn County School Board, which only began attracting attention Wednesday, comes amid a number of battles in school systems around the country as conservatives target curriculums over teachings about the history of slavery and racism in America.

Gee, I wonder why conservatives are so upset about that? It’s not like–oh, I don’t know–they’re on the wrong side of history, again…? Or we could ask the author about that.

Spiegelman also said he suspected that its members were motivated less about some mild curse words and more by the subject of the book, which tells the story of his Jewish parents’ time in Nazi concentration camps, the mass murder of other Jews by Nazis, his mother’s suicide when he was just 20 and his relationship with his father.

“I’ve met so many young people who … have learned things from my book,” said Spiegelman about “Maus.” The image in the book that drew objections from the board was of his mother.

Well, there’s one of your problems. Can’t have them there young’uns learning about how them Nazis were bad! Because very good people on both sides, you know.

I’m joking about that. Or…

Tennessee has been won by every Republican presidential nominee since 2000. Then-President Donald Trump in 2020 won McMinn County with nearly 80% of the votes cast.

If it looks like a duck, it goose steps walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck… Well, you get the idea.

Neil Gaiman, author of “The Sandman” comic book series and other award-winning works, blasted the school board’s action, writing on Twitter, “There’s only one kind of people who would vote to ban Maus, whatever they are calling themselves these days.”

They like to call themselves “alt-right” or “conservative” or sometimes “libertarian” but what they really are rhymes with “mot-see”.

But things get stupider, because this is the fucking South and the South keeps out stupiding itself:

One member, Tony Allman, was quoted in the minutes as saying, “Being in the schools, educators and stuff we don’t need to enable or somewhat promote this stuff.”

“It shows people hanging, it shows them killing kids, why does the educational system promote this kind of stuff, it is not wise or healthy,” Allman said, according to the minutes.



This is history. It is absolutely brutal and hideous and ugly. This is the Holocaust. It is disgusting in its evil. It is repugnant. But it is absolute truth. It needs to be taught. It needs to be brought into the light so that we may NEVER let this atrocity happen again. Because if we do not teach this, if we do not acknowledge its existence, it will happen again.

How do I know it will happen again? Just look back at 2016. The Trump administration. The kids at the border. Hell, back in the 1990s I had to hear my own mother complain while I watched Schindler’s List; “Spielberg’s a Jew!”

She practically spat the words.

When someone pointed out that yes, this is actually history and no, it’s not pretty, the slack-jawed yokel opened his mouth and let loose this stream of verbal diarrhea:

“I understand that on TV and maybe at home these kids hear worse, but we are talking about things that if a student went down the hallway and said this, our disciplinary policy says they can be disciplined, and rightfully so. And we are teaching this and going against policy?”

Listen up, dipshidiot: these are eighth graders. They are saying “fuck”, “shit”, “goddamn” and everything in-between. “Damn” is barely considered a curse word. It seems to me that you’re getting upset about the wrong thing.

The meeting ended with all 10 members of the board voting to remove “Maus” from the eighth grade curriculum.

Of course it did. Because that’s America. Can somebody please tell me when exactly it was “great”?

Despite this absolute shit storm, I can see some good coming out of this: this could interest an entirely new generation in this graphic novel, which means they might just learn something. If there’s one thing an authoritarian hates, it’s someone learning.

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