Weekly Reader: Vol 3 Issue 12

It’s time once again for news and views that you can peruse. It’s time for another edition of your Weekly Reader! As always, if you have something you’d like to share, please drop a link in the comments!

‘Snip Snip Hooray’: Vasectomies Among the Young and Child-Free May Be Rising (from the New York Times): “Against the backdrop of an increasingly difficult environment to raise children, having fewer family planning options in a post-Roe world was “the nail in the coffin,” for many young men who recently scheduled a vasectomy, Dr. Stein said. In April, May and June, 38 young, child-free men got vasectomies at his clinics, making up 4.6 percent of his clients. In the weeks after the ruling, that number more than doubled to 63 men. He added that most said they had been on the fence for a few years, but the Supreme Court decision was “the final straw.””

Conspiracy Theorists on TikTok Are Saying Anne Heche Was Murdered: ‘She Knew Too Much!!!’ (from Vice News): “Like some sort of dark trend, some TikTok creators are uploading videos of themselves calling her death into question—using footage from the scene that shows Heche sitting up in a stretcher before being put into an ambulance as evidence the crash didn’t kill her.”

The case against American truck bloat (from The Week): “So it’s not exactly the case that American auto manufacturers sat down and said “how can we kill as many pedestrians as possible?” They just design, build, and sell pointlessly huge SUVs and trucks they know for a fact are much more deadly for pedestrians, and resist proposals to incorporate pedestrians into their safety rating. They make these energy-gobbling machines even more dangerous with intimidating design elements that harm their usefulness. As an obvious and easily foreseen consequence, America is suffering an epidemic of pedestrian fatalities. Automakers rate high profits and adolescent marketing campaigns above the lives of people walking the streets, just like cigarette companies did back in the day.”

Mother claims she was denied an abortion despite baby’s condition (from WAFB 9): “Davis says her baby was diagnosed with acrania. A rare and fatal condition, where the baby’s skull fails to form in the womb. According to health experts, babies with this condition only survive minutes to hours after birth. But because Davis’s life was not in danger and the baby’s condition does not fall under Louisiana Department of Health’s list of qualifying conditions, she was denied an abortion. Unsure about what to do, Davis is faced with a tough decision. Either carry the baby to term, or cross state lines to get an abortion.”

Florida Court Rules 16-Year-Old Not ‘Mature’ Enough to Get Abortion (from Rolling Stone): “Pleading her case, the teen argued to the court that she was not ready to become a parent. According to court documents, she was pursuing her GED “with involvement in a program designed to assist young women who have experienced trauma in their lives” and that the father of the fetus “is unable to assist her.” In the original trial, the judge found that the girl “showed, at times, that she is stable and mature enough to make this decision [and] acknowledges she is not ready for the emotional, physical, or financial responsibility of raising a child,” and that her concerns about raising a child are “valid.” The judge still chose to reject the petition, saying that the court found the minor “may be able, at a later date, to adequately articulate her request.””

Florida elections officials harassed, threatened amid ‘false accusations of fraud,’ US House panel says (from the Palm Beach Post): “Maloney said Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Roger Stone, a one-time adviser to former President Trump, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who pushes debunked election conspiracy theories, had singled out one Florida election administrator following the 2020 election.”

False allegations of voter fraud in 2020 led to increased threats against Texas election workers (from Texas Tribune): “A Texas elections administrator from Tarrant County told the committee there was a social media call to “hang him when convicted for fraud and let his lifeless body hang in public until maggots drip out of his mouth.” The official’s home address was leaked and he received messages threatening his children, including one that said “I think we should end your bloodline.”

“That official, Heider Garcia, was the target of a smear campaign by allies of former President Donald Trump and prominent right-wing media personalities, purporting a falsehood that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him due to widespread voter fraud. The claim of widespread voter fraud in the election has been repeatedly debunked, and several of Trump’s own aides have stated that the election was fair.”

A Glimpse of a Future Without White People (from Wired): “The sequence of events that follows plays into an ancient fear, that of The Other. (One’s need to estrange, Toni Morrison has said, is “a desperate attempt to confirm one’s own self as normal.”) For Anders, confusion bubbles. Panic swells. Initially, he flirts with thoughts of violence after realizing the transformation is irreversible. “He wanted to kill the colored man who confronted him here in his home,” Hamid writes, “to extinguish the life animating this other’s body, to leave nothing standing but himself, as he was before.””

A disastrous megaflood is coming to California, experts say, and it could be the most expensive natural disaster in history (from CNN): “Daniel Swain, a climate scientist with UCLA and a researcher involved in the study, describes a megaflood as, “a very severe flood event across a broad region that has the potential to bring catastrophic impacts to society in the areas affected.” He said a megaflood is similar to the 1,000-year flash flood events seen this summer in the St. Louis area and Kentucky, but across a much wider area, such as the entire state of California.”

Inside the violent, misogynistic world of TikTok’s new star, Andrew Tate (from The Guardian): “Yet despite much of the content appearing to break TikTok’s rules, which explicitly ban misogyny and copycat accounts, the platform appears to have done little to limit Tate’s spread or ban the accounts responsible. Instead, it has propelled him into the mainstream – allowing clips of him to proliferate, and actively promoting them to young users.”

That’s all for today. But I’ll be back in a couple of weeks–BotCon is next week!–with more reading material for you. Until then, have a great couple of weeks, enjoy the BotCon updates and happy reading!


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