Why are stupid people **gestures violently yet vaguely**?

This is A Thing That Fucking Exists Because Stupid People:A guy in California is suing Texas Pete because it’s not actually made in Texas. I’m not fucking kidding here.

Philip White claims it’s false advertising because the hot sauce has no connection to the state.

It’s just a name, dude. Seriously. Calm TF down.

White argues it hurts smaller hot sauce companies in Texas that are trying to capitalize on their authenticity.

What? Are you effing serious? Do you even know how long Texas Pete has been around?

White wants the company to pay more than $5 million in damages and change the hot sauce’s name and branding.

Not fucking happening. This is directly from Wikipedia (emphasis mine):

Texas Pete hot sauce was introduced in 1929 by Sam Garner, operator of the Dixie Pig barbecue stand in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Customers asked for a spicier sauce, and the Garners concocted one with cayenne peppers.

Developing a product name, a marketing adviser suggested “Mexican Joe” to connote the spicy cuisine of Mexico. However, Thad’s father Sam Garner opposed this, saying that the name should be American. Texas is known for its spicy food; this was combined with Pete, the nickname of Thad’s brother Harold Garner.

My sibling in Primus, you must have an IQ of the room temperature of a walk-in freezer if you think that this lawsuit is going to go anywhere. Because it’s not. Holy shit, it’s not.

Seriously, why the fuck do we let dipshidiots do (anything)?

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