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How About a Nice Cup of “Hell No”?!

In “I quit the fucking world” today: an Oklahoma bill would require the father of a fetus to approve a woman’s abortion. I am not making this bullshit up. Seriously. But it gets worse. It always gets freaking worse when it … Continue reading

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As If It Wasn’t Obvious…

Who’s surprised by this: Anti-Abortion Leader: Birth Control Pills and IUDs Should Be Illegal. See, they don’t just want to save the unborn. They want to save the preconceived! Because those potential lives matter! Never mind that contraception isn’t abortion, just … Continue reading

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Not An Option

“You have an older brother.” When my mother uttered those five words, everything changed. I was told throughout my childhood that I was an only child. That I was a wanted child. The first portion of what I was told … Continue reading

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There’s a great post on Love, Joy, Feminism dealing with the images that anti-abortionists like to bandy about. Now, before you go any further, I urge you to go and read Libby Anne’s post and take a good, long, hard … Continue reading

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