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In His Own Words

Apparently, Townhall saw fit to run a “tribute” to Rush Limbaugh that was written by his brother. I could do a takedown, but I won’t. Instead, I’m just going to quote this tribute and simply insert some of Rush’s own … Continue reading

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Kiss My Ass

Okay, this is a thing: Historic Board Says Transformer Sculptures Can’t Remain In Georgetown. Gotta love hysterical historical societies. 🙄 From the article: Optimus Prime may have survived a crash landing on pre-historic earth and the many battles with the … Continue reading

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The Day After

No, I didn’t put together a blog post for yesterday. The sheer fuckery of what happened, of that attempted coup, speaks volumes, volumes that I would dilute by trying to form any one coherent thought dealing with it. But make … Continue reading

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Day of the Broken Glass

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Sorry, But My Give-A-Damn’s Busted

Over the weekend, I heard the news that a bigoted UNC Worthless professor had been found dead in his home. It seems that he may have died from a gunshot wound, but there’s still an ongoing investigation. I can’t scrape … Continue reading

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