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An Update

Here’s the time-line of events as we best understand it. Things are conflicted, it seems. I don’t know if I will ever view anyone in the same light ever again. But it gets worse: Thomas was a victim. Currently, Torrez … Continue reading

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Done With Humanity

They knew. The Puzzle in a Thunderstorm group knew. They were aware. Taking the rest of the week off and staying off the internet. Because fuck this noise.

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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

So this happened: Two board members of American Atheists are stepping down due to sexual harassment allegations. There’s a bit more about it over here, if you’re interested. The first name is not familiar to me in the least, but … Continue reading

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Shove It Where the Zuck Don’t Shine

This Is A Thing That Happened: Seth Andrews got a ban from Facebook for hate speech. How exactly? He quoted a hate pastor directly, the algorithm picked up on the words and he got banned. This is from Hemant Mehta … Continue reading

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On Patheos and Current Events

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably noticed that the Nonreligious channel on Patheos has gone fairly quiet as of late. A lot of the bloggers there are shuttering their blogs, including Hemant Mehta, best known as the “Friendly Atheist”. … Continue reading

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Hook, Link, and Sinker

By now, you’ve heard about the group of christians who honestly believe that they can pray away Dorian. At first blush, you want to laugh; who’s really going to win this battle, a group of people calling out pleas to … Continue reading

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Relief Beyond Belief

If you want to help relief efforts in the South, here are a few places you can donate: helping both people and pets Foundation Beyond Belief Nonbelief Relief Even if it’s just a dollar, it’s a dollar that can … Continue reading

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Truth in Advertising

“We like hurting people.” It was a sign outside a church. One that, the parishioners thought would be warm and welcoming but one that stated a cold, hard, bitter truth. “We like hurting people.” Most people would think that this … Continue reading

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Seven Degrees of BS

I found this article on a Facebook group that I follow and it was so bad that it was bad. This was one of those articles that didn’t just ask for a takedown, it was begging for one. Again, if … Continue reading

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Open Minds and Closed Doors

(First off, a head’s up: we’re going to be dealing with abuse, physical, emotional and sexual, in this post. If this bothers you, if you find it too difficult to read, then hop over to the Cats category and take … Continue reading

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