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November Rain

It’s official: baseball is over and done. Last night,¬†the Houston Astros won the World Series. If that wasn’t enough,¬†Carlos Correa proposed to his girlfriend right after the victory. Baseball is done for the year. So is autumn, for all intents … Continue reading

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Game 163 Summer’s End

There are some cinnamon-and-sugar roasted pecans in the kitchen; I’ve been taking small handfuls of them every now and again. It takes the edge off, frankly. They came from Miller Park, so I want them to last a bit. The … Continue reading

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Game Night

The current view I have. Reds are ahead, 6 to 0. This is a must-win for the Crew. It’s only the fifth, though. Here’s hoping.

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What Happens in Miller Park

Prime went to a Brewers game last night. The series in question–it’s one versus the Reds–is part of Fan Appreciation. When Fan Appreciation happens at Miller Park, everyone attending gets a neat little scratch card that will net a prize … Continue reading

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My Idea of Clubbing

It’s our anniversary, so Prime and I are spending it the best way possible. At a ballpark, of course. It’s the annual Timber Rattlers rummage sale today, so we’re here, buying baseball themed items and getting ready to catch the … Continue reading

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Wake Me Up When September Ends

It’s official; divisions are being clinched. We have somewhere around 17 or so regular season games left. It won’t be long until the race for October starts in earnest. We’ll be hearing about magic numbers and Wildcard races. We’ll be … Continue reading

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Consolation Prize

Prime and I spent most of yesterday in Milwaukee; we had gone to a Brewers game on Monday night and decided to stay in town rather than drive back and forth. Needless to say, we had a lot of free … Continue reading

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