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Pipe Dreams

Congratulations, anti-vaxxers. You’ve finally gotten your “perfect world”. Every day on Facebook and in your Pinterest groups and on Twitter you’ve said time and time again that you couldn’t wait for a world without vaccines, a perfect, wonderful and natural … Continue reading

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On This Day

Among them was George Takei. Remember this day so we do not let it happen again.

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Things Fall Apart

You have no idea. Now, you remember on Tuesday that I let everyone know that BotCon was making its triumphant return after leaving us unceremoniously in 2016. I was excited; holy slag, was I ever excited to hear this news. … Continue reading

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Final Truth

By now, you know about Kobe Bryant, how he and his thirteen year old daughter were both killed in a helicopter crash. Yes, it is a tragedy. No, I take zero pleasure in hearing this. But I can’t gloss over … Continue reading

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“i had sex with her.” those were the words you used on that night in october as we sat in your car the street light turning your hair into a smudge your freckles invisible your glasses obscuring your eyes. your … Continue reading

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And Today in Fuckery…

I can’t even today. Seriously. Whole Foods is cutting medical benefits for part time employees. I just can’t even. Whole Foods claims that the percentage of its workforce that’ll be affected by the cost-cutting measure, and therefore no longer eligible … Continue reading

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Hook, Link, and Sinker

By now, you’ve heard about the group of christians who honestly believe that they can pray away Dorian. At first blush, you want to laugh; who’s really going to win this battle, a group of people calling out pleas to … Continue reading

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