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And Today in Fuckery…

I can’t even today. Seriously. Whole Foods is cutting medical benefits for part time employees. I just can’t even. Whole Foods claims that the percentage of its workforce that’ll be affected by the cost-cutting measure, and therefore no longer eligible … Continue reading

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Eff Your Feelings, Trumpflake

This went somewhat viral on Facebook a little bit ago; it’s such a festering pile of stupid that I just had to do a takedown. So buckle in, guys; it’s about to get bumpy in here. (As always, if this … Continue reading

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Choke On It

In case you haven’t heard by now, the Grand Nagus’ transgender military ban has gone into effect. To say I’m pissed off puts it mildly; this is bullshit, plain and simple. I didn’t vote for that asshole for that reason … Continue reading

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False Advertising

I know crap when I see it. There are days when I completely agree with Prime: the internet is both the greatest thing and the worst thing that has happened to humanity. Thanks to the internet, I can learn about … Continue reading

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Father, Son, and Holy Shit

Yesterday, Prime and I were out and about, trying to figure out what we might have for dinner. I had just gotten off work and Prime had just put in several hours of overtime, so we were both pretty tired. … Continue reading

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A Thin Line

Welcome to Facebook. Leave your brain at the door. Your common sense, too. As of right now, I am sipping a cup of coffee, something I haven’t done since Sammy was sick. It’s been months since I’ve had coffee; after … Continue reading

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And the Asshole of the Month Award Goes To…

Mark Zuckerberg, of course. For reasons. Namely, a stupid 30 day ban for Prime. So yeah, Fuckerberg gets a pumpkin featuring a cat’s asshole. Fuck social media. PZ Meyers has an excellent post dealing with social media on his blog. It’s … Continue reading

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