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Taking No as an Answer

There’s a really good post on Patheos that deals with #MeToo; in it, the author admits that he’s part of the problem. He also addresses what can be done to help stem the tide. Now, as you can expect, this might bother some … Continue reading

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It Can Happen Here

By now, everyone knows about Las Vegas.  At least 59 people died. Nearly 530 people were injured. We’re learning the names, as well as the fact of the shooter’s stockpile, but still, we have no motivations. Since the shooter acted alone, we may … Continue reading

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“Into the great wide open, Under them skies of blue…”

As you all know by now, we’ve lost Tom Petty. His was one of those persistent voices that seemed to throb in the background of my adolescent years, always there, always. One of my friends, upon graduating high school, proceeded to … Continue reading

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Post HasCon Thoughts

Prime and I met up with a friend of ours this afternoon/evening. We spent some time, shooting the breeze about various things and naturally, the subject of HasCon popped up. Here’s where things get interesting, to say the very least. … Continue reading

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“Here We Are, At the End…”

This was the view I had earlier tonight; the always lovely Fox Cities Stadium. This was the second to last home game of the year for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers. It was also my last game of the season. Although … Continue reading

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We have some color on the trees now. It isn’t a lot, but I can see some insistent little yellow patches dotted on the nearby woods. Some are small enough to where if you blink, you can miss them. Others … Continue reading

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Everything, Every Thing

There’s a great post on Love Joy Feminism right now that I recommend you read: If America is a TV show, this season feels increasingly dark. All of it is good. All of it is relevant. All of it rings of … Continue reading

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