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Roses and Thorns

It’s Mother’s Day. As you all know, I’ve had problems with this day for years; it’s been a problem for me since I was young. But I’m not the only one who has a problem with this day: Libby Anne … Continue reading

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April Cool’s Day

Now here’s an idea that I can get behind. Instead of pranking people, let’s start complimenting people. And to all you out there, who are reading this blog, you are awesome. #AprilCoolsDay

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About Today

Today is Valentine’s Day. If you are single and happy, be happy. If you are in a relationship and are not happy, do not blame yourself if you decide to move on. If you are child-free and happy, do not … Continue reading

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A Reminder

This Sunday is Father’s Day. If you do not wish to celebrate the day, you are under no obligation to do so. It does not make you a bad person if you have no desire to honor someone who may … Continue reading

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Merry Sithmas! (Spoilers Within)

Christmas day was a muted affair here at the Prime residence; the man-bot and I basically watched episodes of Transformers: Robots in  Disguise. Instead, our celebration was a day earlier, as we hit the local theatre and saw The Force … Continue reading

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On the Season and What It Brings

Current earworm: (I may not particularly care for the animated special anymore but I still love this piece of music.)

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You Shouldn’t Have: Holiday Gifts that Nobody Wants

It’s that time of year again, when people rush out to buy gifts for family members that they barely know in order to impress upon that barely known family member that they mean X amount of money to them. Of … Continue reading

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