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An Open Letter: To Prime

Dear Prime, It was eighteen years ago that I stepped on board an airplane for the first time since I was two, in order to make my way to Minnesota. I was going to BotCon. I was also going to … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Sign Up for This

“So which one of you is going to try and kill me?” As I say that, I force a laugh; it’s a joke but a twisted one. Every time I look at my chest, I wonder which breast will decide … Continue reading

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Try Not to Get Offended

I found¬†this little gem fetid, steaming pile¬†while on Patheos. Try not to get too offended by my position on the matter. As a society, we are now looking for offense around every corner. Leaders are being forced to resign. Commenters … Continue reading

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Coping Mechanisms

“It’s going to be a long four years,” Prime muttered, his face a mask of disgust. With a sigh, I nodded and stared out the passenger window. We had just heard the news on the radio and everything we had … Continue reading

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The snow is starting to recede and the weather is trying desperately to get warmer. The sun is setting at a later time each day. Winter is slowly ending and spring is upon us. Things are changing. But isn’t the … Continue reading

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End of Summer

It’s the end of the summer It’s the end of it all Those days are gone, it’s over now we’re moving on A little music first, just to set the mood: Across the street, one of the trees now spots … Continue reading

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The Restlessness

Current song stuck in my head: It seems to be getting worse, the restlessness. It feels as though I should be packing my suitcase, getting ready to climb into the car and head off, heading in the direction of BotCon … Continue reading

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