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Hype Train, GO!

As you probably know by now, there’s a new Transformers: The Last Knight trailer. So let’s get to the important stuff first, then we can talk about it. Here we go!

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This year has not been kind. There have been too many losses, too many taken from us before their time. Today, I learned that we lost both Carrie Fisher and Richard Adams, both playing major parts in my childhood. To be quite honest, … Continue reading

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The Five Decade Mission

Happy fiftieth to Star Trek. May you have fifty more.

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So This Happened

It was announced at the 2016 GI Joe convention that JoeCon and the GI Joe Collectors Club will continue until 2018. The news was greeted with a cheer so loud that it could be heard from the panel room and … Continue reading

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BotCon: Past, Present and…?

Yesterday, I touched on the fact that Hasbro has applied for the trademark of “HasCon”. It’s apparently supposed to cover conventions, fan clubs and gatherings for entertainment purposes. You read that right: this is covering conventions. I have no idea … Continue reading

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BotCon: All Good Things…

Currently it is raining here in Kentucky. It seems fitting, very fitting, for the weather to take a turn for the gloomy. Today was the last day of BotCon. The very last day. I’ll let that one sink in a … Continue reading

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I am now in Kentucky for BotCon 2016. Let the festivities begin!

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