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Plain and Simple

Over the weekend, Pete Sinclair did it again: he posted a pretty suspect link on his Facebook page, claiming that 95% of biologists believe that life begins at conception. The article itself came from PJ Media, which isn’t known for … Continue reading

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Eff Your Feelings, Trumpflake

This went somewhat viral on Facebook a little bit ago; it’s such a festering pile of stupid that I just had to do a takedown. So buckle in, guys; it’s about to get bumpy in here. (As always, if this … Continue reading

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Mysterious Ways

By now, you know about a bit of a kerfluffle: it seems the Grand Nagus said “goddamn”. Twice. And conservative christians lost their minds over it. The fact that kids are being kept in cages? Nothing. “Grab ’em by the pussy”? Locker … Continue reading

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Rebooting the Heart

I don’t think that will work. Now, removal of the loads of flotsam in our government, especially the ones that have an (R) by their name? That’ll do wonders. This morning, as I sat in McDonald’s, I spied the headline … Continue reading

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(Insert Third “K” Here)

It’ll get better, trust me. Even if it doesn’t, there are other jobs. And today in “Are you fucking kidding me?!”: The German family that has a stake in Krispy Kreme had ties to the Nazis. I’m fucking serious. The … Continue reading

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Lucky Me

It was a close one, but I’m okay. 😉

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Election Day

It’s Election Day. If you haven’t already, get out and vote. That is all.

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