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No Words

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The above addresses, both regular and email, are a matter of public records, as is the above telephone number. If you plan on contacting the archdiocese, be firm but cordial and polite. Do not threaten, do not use foul language, … Continue reading

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And Today in “Shit You Won’t See on Facebook”

So a bunch of Nazi dipshits held a rally in Georgia. Tens of people showed. At the end of this travesty, the jackasses decided to┬áburn a swastika and an othala rune. As to why, who the hell knows. All I … Continue reading

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You Made Your Point, All Right…

That point was: you are a frigging IDIOT. From the “You can’t make this shit up, even if you tried” files with a “How effing stupid are you?!” chaser: a guy in Missouri decided to post a “Slaves 4 Sale” … Continue reading

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Closing the “Book” on this BS

Now, as you may or may not know, I have a Facebook account. I’ve used it. I can’t say that I enjoy using it; Facebook and its founder–for argument’s sake we’ll refer to him by the pseudonym of Zark Fuckerberg–might … Continue reading

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