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The Robot Apocalypse Can’t Happen Soon Enough: Idiot Judge Edition

I found this festering pile via the Friendly Atheist. If you haven’t had your fill of judges who are too damned stupid to be on the bench, give this bullshit a read. “The court had no doubt that Mr. Vallejo is an extraordinarily … Continue reading

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God as the Bystander Redux

So, there’s a follow-up to that terrible advice that Douglas gave to Gabrielle. It’s bad, really bad. So prepare yourselves, we’re goin’ in!

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I found this via Libby Anne’s blog sometime last week; as I mentioned before, it needs some unpacking and I’m going to do just that. So here we go!

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Can’t Tell if Serious or April Fool’s Joke…

I found this via Dispatches From the Culture Wars and I’m still shaking my head over it: the Grand Nagus has declared April “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”. Seriously. This is the same guy who said he could “grab ’em by the pussy”, the same … Continue reading

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I Literally Can’t Even Today. I Can’t Even At All

This wonderful little gem popped up on Patheos and I chose not to blog about it until today because well, we’re gonna need a cat video after this one. Read this for the cat video. But yes, it is that … Continue reading

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And Today in “Screw This, I Quit the Planet”…

This has been floating around Facebook for a bit and it is infuriating: a father and son–accused of rape–want the “only law book that truly matters” to be used at their trial. Wanna take a guess as to which book that … Continue reading

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Perception versus Reality or No, Darren Sharper is Not “An Idiot”

“Murderers are not monsters, they’re men. And that’s the most frightening thing about them.”―Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones (The subject matter here is rape. This could be pretty harsh territory for some, so tread lightly. You are warned.) Last Friday … Continue reading

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