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Not Fucking Funny, Asshole

Oh, it gets worse. Trust me, this shit always gets worse. Because fucking palers can’t leave well enough alone. So here’s a thing: a dumbshit Iowa teacher is on “administrative leave” after making a sniper rifle joke about Greta Thunberg. Apparently, … Continue reading

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This Happened

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Diarrhea of the Mouth: Vegas Edition

I found this little diamond both at Joe.My.God and Dispatches From The Culture Wars. It’s so bad, that it’s bad: According to Mr. Frothy Mix himself, liberals should go after violent video games and movies. I am not making this up (NSFW linkage … Continue reading

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It Can Happen Here

By now, everyone knows about Las Vegas.  At least 59 people died. Nearly 530 people were injured. We’re learning the names, as well as the fact of the shooter’s stockpile, but still, we have no motivations. Since the shooter acted alone, we may … Continue reading

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More on Planned Parenthood

There’s a post on Libby Anne’s blog that deals with Christian terrorist Robert Dear. And make no mistake: this man was a terrorist. I won’t say anymore except that you need to go and read the whole thing. But yes, … Continue reading

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Your So-Called “Liberal Media”

By now, we’ve all heard about the horrific Planned Parenthood shootings in Colorado. We all know who was behind this and we have a fair idea of his motives. We have a pretty decent idea that this was not a … Continue reading

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