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No Grudges Today

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Share your love with someone important to you, whether it’s friends, family or your significant other; that also includes yourself! Who said today was only meant for lovers? (Self care and self love is valid! Don’t … Continue reading

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Twenty Years, Part Three: “Return to Me”

I know what it means to be lonely And I know what it means to be free Now I want to know how to love you Return to me, return to me – October Project, “Return to Me“ December 17th, … Continue reading

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Twenty Years, Part Two: Nothing Less than Forever

Everything I tell you has been spoken And everything I say was said before But everything I feel is for the first time And everything I feel, I feel for you – October Project, “Return to Me“ September 21st, 2009 … Continue reading

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Twenty Years, Part One: “Come Walk With Me”

There’s just no rhyme or reason Only the sense of completion And in your eyes, I see The missing pieces I’m searching for I think I’ve found my way home — Savage Garden, “I Knew I Loved You“ BotCon 1999, … Continue reading

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Raison D’etre

Trust me, those damn things are useless. I got the preliminary results of my MRI; everything looks good and I’ll be fine for the next year. To say I was nervous is putting it mildly; when I get a voicemail … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Part Null: Throwaway

I’m sure you must have seen him I know you must have heard it all I know you used to be him Did anybody care at all? – Face to Face, “I Won’t Lie Down” Late 1997 It was a … Continue reading

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For the Prime Half

I freely admit: Prime and I don’t really “do” holidays. That includes Valentine’s Day. To us, Valentine’s Day is superfluous; why exactly do we need a set date on the calendar to let each other know that we care about … Continue reading

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My Idea of Clubbing

It’s our anniversary, so Prime and I are spending it the best way possible. At a ballpark, of course. It’s the annual Timber Rattlers rummage sale today, so we’re here, buying baseball themed items and getting ready to catch the … Continue reading

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Eight Years

Eight years ago today, I married my best friend. And I’d happily do it all over again. I love you, Prime. Now, always, forever. Don’t ever forget that. ❤

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Love, Sweet Love

It’s been another shitty week, so we’re turning it into a kitty week. So here are all the ways that your cat is telling you that it loves you. Enjoy!

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