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Only Time

“I love you.” Those are the three words that I speak to Prime quite often; a good number of our conversations end with me saying that. While on our way home, I will randomly utter those words. While crashed out … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Part Null: Throwaway

I’m sure you must have seen him I know you must have heard it all I know you used to be him Did anybody care at all? – Face to Face, “I Won’t Lie Down” Late 1997 It was a … Continue reading

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Abandon Hope

A few days ago, I noticed something disturbing; my new socks had a lot of wear. A good number of pairs had holes and some of them had worn down in the instep. They were still mostly white, but the … Continue reading

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We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Post

This is about as non-political as I get. Just saying. It’s our anniversary this week, Prime and me. We’ve been together for 19 years, nine of them as a married couple. It doesn’t feel like it’s been nearly two decades; … Continue reading

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Thirty Four Years

I was in fourth grade. And it took a few days, but a certain plucky little yellow Autobot seized my heart in his hands and has yet to let go.

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Thirty Two Years

Thirty two years ago, this movie hit theatres. An entire generation of children were traumatized for life when they learned that Autobots could actually die. Yeah, the ’80s were harsh.

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It snowed today. This is the third year in a row that we’ve gotten snow on March 1st. I needed it to snow. During the morning hours, I felt anxious. Something was wrong but I didn’t know what. When I … Continue reading

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